Last day in Morocco. Saying good bye

After painting the town red with my friend last night, I woke up tried and hungry. She promised that she will show me how the Moroccans eat thier breakfast. I would have to meet up with her at the restaurant. Which finding the place was my next task.

A Moroccan breakfast photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Of course, I got lost. Had to ask a few locals to find the restaurant. When I got there, my friend already ordered and told the waiters hold off on servicing. The moment I sat down, a waiter was already there with my plate.

As seen in the picture above, Moroccans love to eat bread in the morning. My plate had 6 different types of bread with a pancake at the end. The sauces were honey, butter and a peanut butter made with Moroccan argan oil. It was amazing, every bite tasted with a hit of familiarity and a dash of foreign flavors.

A cat and the goat ramming into the wall photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After eating our breakfast, my friend wanted to show me her neighborhood. We went around in a taxi and got the local price. Trust me, it’s always good to have a local friend. Paid for a third of the normal price.

As we pulled up to her childhood surroundings, we passed by one of the royal family’s vacation homes. I wanted to take a photo but, she suggested not to. I could be mistaken as a journalist. That could cause problems for the both of us.

The view Tangier’s coastline photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As the taxi was going around, we eventually ended up on a hill. From what my friend translated to me, the taxi driver suggested I see the view from this hill. We got out and I was stunned. I was reminded that this was not France. A random goat showed up to see the view with us. It’s hard to see goats out in the open in Western countries, especially in metropolitan areas. The goat kept running into the wall. Not sure what enjoyment that creature getting from self harm.

Local boat docking station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The view was out of this world, it felt like California. As if, I was looking at the hills just outside of San Francisco. It gave me a warm feeling in my heart. It was so nostalgic.

The Atlantic ocean meets the mediterranean sea photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After about half an hour passed, it was time for me to head for the airport. We dropped off my friend at her parents’ home. I offered to pay because she got the taxi driver to pay the local price. Which was about 7 USA dollars all together.

Eventually, I made it to the Tangier airport. My adventures in this North African country was ending. Learned a lot here and made some awesome friends. Definitely a country I will have to visit again. Good bye Morocco, until we meet again.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. That’s the hard part of travel…so many wonderful places to explore and yet, so many I want to return to again and again, even in the States.

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