A letter of peace, hope and love

In a country where I grew up. Where I learn to love it because this is my home. I’m constantly being reminded that I’m of lesser quality just based on my skin color. It stings but I still smile and I would never purposely cause harm on anybody.

I still smile because I have hope. Hope for a better future where everybody gets equal treatment. I know this may seem naive but hope is what got me through some really dark times. Regardless of religion, gender, race or sexual orientation. You are a person over everything.

I don’t agree with the looting and destruction of the local businesses. However, I can understand why they do it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We need peace.

Through my travels, I learned to love people. People from all different backgrounds. Regardless of what their opinions are. I have friends who are Jewish, Christians, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Spirtual and everything else in between. I have friends who are far right and friends who are far left. At the end of the day, we are human beings. These labels we put on yourselves just divides us. Letting us be easily controlled by others’ agendas. We should learn to understand each other. It’s okay to disagree but never take the life of someone.

Hopefully, what is going on in the world will spark a postive change.

Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives due to hate and ignorance. Your lives matter!!

Sorry everyone for not replying to the comments the last week or so. I will finish as much as I can in the following days.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet post. Many of the looters and vandals are plants by the dark, used to undermine the message of the protest and give an excuse to use SWAT teams, and violence against the protestors. It is truly time for a new timeline that ends all that is behind this separateness, violence, lack and limitation, power and greed and brings Oneness, abundance and peace!

    1. Yeah the swat team is too much… Potus has not even spoken about this topic. He just responds with offense twitter rants and military. It’s clear he was not prepared and is still not handling the situation well. Glad to hear abundance is around the corner. Stay safe katelon!

      1. Yes, the difference in how the present mostly peaceful, unarmed protesters are being treated and spoken about by Trump and others is much different than how the armed white lockdown protestors were treated and spoken about.

  2. Your heart is in the right place. However, now it is becoming more evident, that looters had nothing to do with protesters and all the vandalism was carefully orchestrated. In all cities which I know. So you are right, to wrongs does not make right, but that’s exactly why there are people who want it really badly to tight the protests and the looting together.

  3. Good words and well written post reflect much of what majority feel. There are always those who seek a different agenda than the one being pursued. The evil hides behind what is good.

  4. Great post! I feel like we have gone backwards in the past 4 years. The hatred being paraded by our POTUS is inexcusable to the entire human race. I pray for hope, love and peace. Every vote counts in November and we need a new leader. The riots and looting were just an excuse and opportunity to perform criminal acts. Those people, no matter the color of their skin should be held accountable but within their rights via the justice system. 😊💜👍

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