Seeing the Buckingham Palace

I usually dislike the whole monarch thing. However when in Rome, do as the Roman. So, do as the British do. Glory to the monarchy, I guess? Decided to go to the Buckingham Palace on a whim. Been told by my host to go there before 11 am to see the changing of the guards. So, thus my adventure began.

Entrance to the Buckingham Palace photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got to the entrance, you are bombarded with fellow tourists. Everybody wanted to see this famous palace. This somewhat made me more excited because there seemed to be a big hype around this landmark. It lead me to take my camera out early.

The gates surrounding the Buckingham Palace photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Of course, the moment I took my camera out and started to photos. It made me into a huge target. A target for people wanting their photos taken. I keep getting asked to be the camera guy for a few photos. I really should start charging people next time. Maybe two dollars per photos. That hefty price might make them leave me alone.

The front of the Buckingham Palace photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once inside, the palace didn’t really looked anything special to me. Everyone around me seemed in awe of the building. After going to Norway, the Buckingham Palace looks similar to the Norwegian counterpart.

The famous Palace guard photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The main reason why I came here was for the changing of the guards. After waiting for about 20 minutes, I took a look at my watch. It was 10 minutes past 11 am. Still no change of the guards. The main event of my day seemed to have been canceled. Walked around to see that it was canceled due to a charity walk. A little disappointed, I made the best of my time. Saw the guards stand still from a far. There’s a moral to this story. Traveling don’t always go according to plan. Just embrace with what you got and go with the flow. Life is so much better that way.

Sorry for posting on Sunday. Everything has been very eventful in nyc lately.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Great to read your post again!! Sorry you couldn’t see what you wanted to. But really liked how you said that “Traveling don’t always go according to plan”. There’s always some sort of improvisation. And that’s how you make the most of your trip, like you said 🙂

  2. great post! i’m sorry that you missed the changing of guards, maybe another time. have a great day!

    follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️ It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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