My hometown, San Francisco

Hey guys, sorry I did not post last week. I was with family that I have not seen in years. This post will be about my hometown San Francisco.

San Francisco is the city of counter culture. Many movements started here like the gay rights and the free love movements.

The city by the bay is famous of it’s bridges. One bridge that is usually left in the shadow is the Bay Bridge. This bridge was destroyed during the 80’s earthquake. It was rebulit and became a symbol to locals. We San Franciscans view this bridge as sign of inspiration to get back up when you fall.

Coit tower, as shown in the picture above, is a beautiful landmark. Make sure visit it, when you are in the city by the bay.  There are paintings and artworks for sale.

San Francisco is the most beautiful city in California and the western hemisphere. My views might be a little biased; however, you can not blame me. When you come here, you will understand the reason people leave thier hearts in San Francisco.

Thank you for reading!! Excuse the late post. Spending time with family is worth all the money in the world. Next week, we will  be in Munich, Germany. Stay safe!!

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      1. Neat! I’ve spent some time in Marin County since I have a couple friends that used to live there – one in Novato and one in San Rafael. I’m from the Peninsula, though! Right smack in the middle of SF and SJ. 🙂

  1. THanks for liking my post on driving in France. San Francisco is very near to my home town and you were VERY economical in talking about each picture. In particular, visitors should know about the paintings INSIDE Coit Tower, which were done by WPA artists during the depression. Little-known fact: there is an apartment half-way up the tower. You have to be in the know to live there, but it is definitely the coolest place to live in SF – and after hours you can use the whole tower with its cool lobby for your partying!

  2. I really did leave my heart in San Francisco! Even though I only spent less than 20 hours there, I loved every second of it 🙂 So do you like it better than NYC? That’s next on my US to visit list…

    1. Yes, i like it better than NYC. SF has a different vibe to it. Also, the Mexican food is on another level. NYC is amazing but SF has more to offer. NYC doesn’t have the mountains and the nature that San Francisco has.

      1. I couldn’t agree more! The burrito I had in SF was out of this world!! And the nature side too, although I only saw a small bit.. Definitely going back to finish the full tour.

      2. Haha i hope you had the mission style burrito. Yes, check out Marin county, certain parts of the city of Oakland and san Jose. You will see all the different of types cuisines that san Francisco has to offer.

  3. I was fortunate enough to live is San Francisco during three different periods. Lived on 48th Ave in the Sunset; 17 Ave in the RIchmond and on Seal Rock Dr. just up from the Cliff House. I enjoyed living is San Francisco. It was affordable then. I live in the East Bay now and visit now and again to go to the farmer’s market, a Giants’ or to have pizza in North Beach.

  4. I’m a Brit and I love SF, have visited three times and never tire of it. Of course the city is also the gateway to the number one drive of a life time. Love that the city is small and walkable.

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