Taking the subway in Prague

If you are a long time follower, you would know how much I love subways. The whole thought about going to a different country, and/or city, and seeing how locals travel around is so fascinating to me.

It all starts in the morning with some potato dumplings.  Those dumplings would be awesome with some cheese. They are still good regardless but with cheese, they will be an awesome cheese filled dumpling! The only thing better than that is a cheeseburger from In and Out.

Prague’s subway system is very modern. It felt like a fancier version of New York’s subway.

When taking the subway make sure to have this ticket with you. If you lost it, you will have to buy another ticket to get back to where you are staying.

This reminded me of star trek for some reason.

This is what stood out to me, the subway walls have carvings. Let’s see them try that in New York.

I love trolleys and light rails. Reminds me of my hometown, San Francisco.

Thank you all for reading this post. Have a safe week and stay heathly. Much love! Next time we will be in Germany.

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  1. I saw the city Prague in one of the movies where Queen Latifah starred in…..Since then I made up a mind to make it into my bucket-list for Europe travels….Magical city

  2. These pictures look incredible. The food looks scrumptious as well. I love the subway pictures.

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