Prague, The city that took my breath away

Has something so beautiful ever made you lose your breath? Well to me, that is Prague. The most beautiful city in Europe.

It’s hard to explain walking in the streets of Prague. One minute, you accidentally walk into a sex shop and the other, you forget how to breathe. Very turn takes your breath away.

As we walked around the city, we stopped by Saint Vitus Cathedral. I have never been so excited to be in a church. It was so beautiful!

It’s times like these, remind why I love traveling. Culture is so interesting!  It’s hard not to fall in love with this city.

We walked on the Charles Bridge. The scene was something else. This bridge felt very alive. It was a lot different from the bridges in america. The bridge seemed like it was made for walking.

Thank you for reading my post!! Stay safe guys! Enjoy your week, keep healthy! Spread the love becuase right now America needs it!!!

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  1. I hope to visit Prague in March when I go to Europe. I am not sure if I’ll have time, but after seeing your pics I dearly hope to. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing and bringing back memories of my own trip there this spring. Such a wonderful place. And Charles Bridge looks just as crowded as ever 😀

  3. You’re blog is really nice and involves a LOT of places I want to go to! Also I read the post about how you save money, and I have to say, easy and efficient tips and tricks that I will try in the coming months! Keep posting and I’ll keep reading! You’re doing a great job! Much love!

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