A dark cloud over Auschwitz

I write this post in memory of my dear family friend, Ethel Siederman. She was a Polish jew, who’s family escaped Poland before being thrown into this camp of evil.

Coming into the camp was heavy. We were all trying to be emotionally ready. Sadly, we were not.

As we got to the camp, there was a sudden sadness that swept over us. Knowing that so many people died here, was brutally depressing. The smell of burning flesh, was probably the last sense of reality they had. The worst part, the camp goes on for miles.


The picture above is the ruins of a gas chamber. As they were losing the war, the Nazis destroyed the gas chambers to hide the evidence.

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I posted this today because it was the day she going to visit me. May she rest in peace. She helped my family out a lot. There was always a positive moment with her. At the age of 83, she was still traveling.

Much love to you all!! Next week, it will be on a more positive note. We will be Prague!  Stay healthy!!!

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  1. When I was in Vienna I strongly wanted to visit another the Mauthausen camp which is near Linz, one hour away from Vienna…However, I have read every horror that took place in several books and watched a lot of documentaries about the Holocaust, so finally I decided against it…I think it takes a lot of inner strength and courage to face the horrors..and I wasn’t ready…

    Great article and overpowering photos..

  2. Some years back I went (with my American guests) to Dachau in Germany, another concentration camp. I think no one is ever prepared for that who has not been in World War II – that it may never happen again:(:(
    Than you for coming by my blog!

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Auschwitz just because we learned so much about it in school. That horrid time in history doesn’t seem real enough for us who thankfully weren’t a part of it and seeing the place probably helps one to relate more. Thanks for sharing the photos and your experience!

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