Covid 19-Value your health

During these times, I want to keep everything on this blog positive. However, I will not give an illusion that everything is fine. I just lost a few people that I knew. One, helped me with skills I use on a daily basis.  The others were so kind and would give the clothes off their back for someone.


As you all know, New York City is the epicenter of covid-19 in the Untied States. Most of my family lives here. My grandma, aunts and uncles have lived in the same homes for over 60 years now. New York City is part of my roots and a part of my history. It’s sad to see so much death here. Never felt like a New Yorker until now. Even with these times being hard, I have seen people volunteering to give food to the elderly. I haven’t been able to see my grandparents due to my travels. I was always worried about me bring a sickness to them. Knowing that people are out there helping the elderly gives me a sense of community.  Remember there is always some positivity in dark times.  Doesn’t matter what brought you into that dark tunnel. At the end of every tunnel, there is an exist. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So please everyone, don’t take these times lightly. For those who live in rural areas and less populated areas, this virus will still do it’s damage. Make sure to follow the rules of how not to spread it. Wish you luck and health! Please wash your hands before eating.

Reminiscing on the Italian countryside (last post of The year)

Our time in Florence was done, we had to leave. We decided to drive overnight, so we could arrive at our next destination during day light hours. I was not driving, so I didn’t complain.

Florence, Italy at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel  

Not sure if any of you have ever did an overnight drive, it usually involves sleeping in uncomfortable positions. If you are the driver or drivers, it means you have to drink a lot coffee. Luckily we were in Italy, there were decent amount of coffee brands here. Most Italian cafes/bars usually do not charge more than an 1.5 euro for a cup. That is something definitely worth remembering. I’m not much of a coffee person, so this suggestion may hold much value to most caffeine enthusiasts.  However, I really enjoyed the Lavazza coffee. It’s a Italian brand of coffee. To me, it tasted better than anything you can get at Starbucks.

somewhere in Italy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Woke up a few hours later, somewhere in the countryside of Italy. I had no idea where we were are at. All I knew was we were somewhere in Italy. It’s hard to picture how far we drove and what city or town was nearby. Time and distance became foreign to me.

Somewhere in the middle of Italy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

I got lost in my mind like most tired travelers on the road usually do. Of course, you always have those people on a road trip asking, “Are we there yet?” Then came that one person who wanted to play the I Spy game. We kindly told them to stop and just enjoy the view. Since we don’t know, if we will ever see such beauty again.

Passing an Italian hay farm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel  

As the distractions quieted down, I started to embrace the moment. Italy looks so much like California. I know mentioned this before but the hills and the yellow grass reminded me of when I was a kid. The memories of my parents and relatives doing road trips to all parts of California came up. From Lake Tahoe to San Diego, seeing the state to the fullest were memories I hold dear in my mind.  I didn’t realized it at that time, my family were doing their best to open our horizons. They wanted to make sure we knew there was a life for us outside of all the negativity. In the end, it worked. My cousins and I that went on those road trips didn’t fall into the traps. None of us ended in jail or prison, which is difficult to say coming from the places we lived or grew up. I can not recommend enough how important travel should be to the development of the younger generations.

Screenshot of viewers and their countries

Just want to say Thank you much everyone!! This year has been a great experience of personal and professional growth. I hope to continue showing you all the world! We grew so much on views for this blog. It’s really hard to believe people from all over the world actually like reading what you have to say.  Hope you all had an awesome year and that all your goals for 2020 are accomplished. Stay safe and healthy!

Thank you so much for reading!!! Much love!

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Twas The night before Christmas in Madrid (sunshine blog award 🌞)

Twas the night before Christmas, somewhere there was a kid secretly opening their presents without the adults knowing. When I was a toddler, that kid opening presents early was me. The Christmas spirit filled me with so much nostalgia. At one point in my life, it was my favorite time of the year.

Madrid’s most famous Christmas tree photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Seeing families with their children running home put a smile on my face. Everybody looked happy and relaxed. The Puerta Del Sol was packed with people. All eyes fixed on the neon lighted Christmas tree. I was in lost for words. This tree lived up to the hype.

Famous statue del puerta del sol photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The texture and patterns of the lights were so interesting. It felt like Times Square when the ball drop for new year’s. The Spanish public square was completely packed. Everywhere you turned, there was a person with a camera. Had to get out the main part of Puerta Del Sol to take a photo. It was almost impossible to get close to the tree.

The entrance to Puerta del sol photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Still with all these people, I was loving the moment. People were all together celebrating something positive. Not sure, why that stood out to me. Maybe because I feared someone or something would make a negative out this celebration. Luckily, everything was relaxed. You didn’t even see police with guns imposing like you do in the USA. There was no sense of intensity here. Just smilingly faces with joyful expressions.

Christmas lights Madrid photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking back to my Airbnb apartment. The thought about of my family came to my mind. I wonder how they were doing. I spoke with my parents and everything was fine. What made me pounder, were my cousins. We used to be so close. Yearly, I used to celebrate Christmas with them. Around this time as kids, my brother and I used to travel to New York City to visit. Sadly as you get older, sometimes family bonds fade away. Who you considered your love ones, don’t always want to show you love back. Please, treasure the good moments with your love ones. You never know what the future has in store! Regradless of how I was feeling, loved my time in Madrid.

Hey everyone we got nominated for the sunshine award!!

I Want to say thank you to chocoviv. She is someone who is always positive! I really recommend reading her blog! Here is the link! Even when everything is not going her way, she alway looks at the bright side of things. Her blog is for people who love positivity. Truly honoured that she reads my blog post 🙂

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules :

  • Thank the blogger (s) who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
  • List the rules and display an award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger (s) asked you.
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  • Ask the nominees 11 new questions.


1) Do you celebrate Christmas? If not, do you celebrate any special day in December?

Yes, I celebrate Christmas. However, the way My family and I celebrate it is different than the main stream. It’s more about eating food than exchanging presents. Our meals are the presents.

2) What book are you reading right now?

Currently reading the 48 laws of power.

3) Netflix or YouTube?

Youtube all the way. Since most of it is free.

4) Favourite movie?

The movie Hugo. It’s crazy how it has my name as the movie’s title and I could relate it to struggle of the main character.

5) Favourite artist?

Don’t really have a favorite. For some reason Bob Marley is the first to come to mind.

6) Dream vacation location?

Antarctica! Currently planning on going there soon!

7) When did you start blogging?

About 4 years ago

8) Why did you start blogging?

My friend recommended me to start blogging. Sadly he just wanted to use me.

9) Do you like using gift bags or are you a wrap-expert?

We don’t do normal gifts. Our meals are the gifts. So i guess plastic bags.

10) Favourite childhood toy?

A teddy bear i called Pacheco. I losted it somewhere.

11) Go to friend’s house or host the party at your own place?

Probably go to a friend’s house. I hate when people are at my home. Things tend to go missing.

Alright! Time for my questions!!

1) what are your plans for next year?

2) How are you going to make sure those goals are accomplished for next year?

3) What is the favorite place you traveled to?

4) Do you like to travel alone or with friends?

5) what is the funniest travel story you experienced?

6) Does it snow this time of the year where you live?

7) When did you start blogging?

8) Do you enjoying blogging?

9) What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

10) What made you smile the hardest this year?

11) What are your travel plans for next year?

Blogs nominated for this award:

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and much love! Happy holidays everywheres

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For my underwater photos, I use the gopro hero 7 white.
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My awkward passthrough of Chicago

Hey, everyone! Decided to change things up this week. Will be talking about my awkward experience in Chicago. Hope you enjoy!

My cousins and I were doing an across country roadtrip. Starting in San Francisco and ending in New York City. Roadtrips are the best bonding moments in my opinion. After many days and hours, we eventually arrived to Chicago.

It was the fourth of July, we were astounded by how many people were outside. Lake Michigan was filled with lively Chicagoans. Even though it was July, you can still feel that cold breeze coming from the Lake. I could see why Chicago’s is nicknamed “The Windy City.”

We went around the tourist sites as fast as possible. We were somewhat rushing at this point to go to a hotel. All of us were tired and smelled bad. We were on a really tight budget. It was either, sleep in a hotel and skip a few meals or sleep in the car in some parking lot, while eating like pigs. We skipped a few meals the before day. So were looking for a hotel with a buffet or at least serviced breakfast.

We eventually found one in boystown. The name itself kind gives off the atmosphere of the neighborhood. It was home to Chicago’s LGBT community. We being open minded, didn’t mind about what community lived in the area. We just wanted a place to sleep for the night. Plus, we grew up in The San Francisco Bay Area. We are used to being around the LGBT community. As we drove to the hotel, my cousin saw a Walgreens. Walgreens in Chicago are like the corner stores Deli in New York City. My cousin to Walgreens because he didn’t want us to be dehydrated.

How the hotel was designed photo courtesy of Chicago Dungeon Rentals

After my cousin bought water bottles from Walgreens, we went to this hotel. Once inside, you get the weirdest vibe. Everything was dim lit. There were whips and chains hanging from the wall. Of course, none of this really mattered to us. Because, we just wanted a place to sleep and we were tired.

All of us came to front desk of the hotel. There was a lady with a bright smile standing behind that desk. We told her that we were looking for a room. Her energy was all over the place. Jumping in excitement to help us out. As she was booking our room, she looked at me. The woman then asked my age. Told her I was 17, which I was at that time. Her smile went away. The once bright smile became a stone cold face. She explained to us no one under the age of 18 can stay in this hotel. We all looked at each other and left.

We asked ourselves, “what did we almost get ourselves into?” Three straight cousins almost went and stay a night in some sex dungeon. “What was the lady so excited about?” We wondered, as we were quietly thinking, the whole time in the car. “Did she thought we were going to have a threesome?” These questions were on our mind as we drove to Cleveland. After that experience, we decided to just pig out and find a parking lot to stay the night. One more day of being smelly didn’t matter to us.

Hey, everyone! Thank you for reading! We will be going back to the normal story of my travels. This was just a little flashback, happy pride month to you all!! To our followers who are in the LGBT community. If you are traveling Internationally, please read about how the country’s view is towards the LGBT. Heard of people getting attacked. To everybody else, safe travels as well. Love shines, hate destroys!

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