Stand strong Lebanon! Stay safe everyone!

I was going to write a normal post but I felt it’s more appropriate to give tribute to a country that always bounces back. lebanon-2131274_1920.jpg

This country I have been wanting to visit for such a long time and explore that part of my ancestry. However, there always something happening in this country that made me want to visit later. When the climate was more peaceful. beirut-5172850_1920 I’m sure most of you all know by now what has happened in Lebanon. Two huge explosions hit the capital city. Everything in a 6-mile radius was hit by the boom of the second explosion. Right now, a confirmed 70 people have lost their lives. If you saw the videos, I’m sure the death toll will probably be near or above 1000. It is currently being under investigation to see if this was a terrorist attack or not. In my heart and gut feeling, I have a suspicion that this was a terrorist attack. coast-4845995_1920.jpg

They said it was a fireworks factory that blew up. The first explosion I can see it possibly being caused by what the chemicals fireworks are made out of. However, the second explosion looked different. palm-trees-5162018_1920.jpg

Stand strong to a beautiful and small country that always bounced back. A small country that had such a big impact on the world. Through its history, diaspora, and culture.


Stay safe everybody and enjoy your loved ones. There were a lot of people who woke that day thinking it was going to be normal. Who are now not able to have another chance to wake up again.


Only love here!

Happy New year everyone!!!

We want to give you a warm welcome to 2020! Truly hope that all your goals become a reality! Saw that some of you  have accomplished your goals and beyond! We are sending only positivity your way!  new-year-christmas-effect-happy-cover-16638

I have a lot of countries to go over with you all! Countries like China, Norway and Morocco.  I can not wait to share them with everyone of you! Keep on a lookout for our YouTube channel! New styles of content coming on that platform and on facebook! Also, for those coming to New York City we will have something special in store for you later down the year. Lastly,  more guidebooks coming your way with some extra content!


Remember this, one year can really change your life. Keep working on your goals and keep pushing closer towards your dreams! Life is truly amazing when you can learn to smile and have hope for a better future! Stay safe everyone and much love!! Also, shutout to Rochelle for becoming a doctor last year! Here is the link for her website! For an inside look of Jamaica from a local, definitely check her website out!  Wishing you all tons of health and success this year as well!



hey everyone! blog update and name change!

Hey everyone, we are changing our website’s name from the number 1 itinerary to Passport Overused. We will give you the same content and still wish to show you the world through our posts. Have an awesome Friday everyone! We our currently working on our new logo. Bare with us, until then.  Much love and thank you for all the support throughout the years!

Wishing you all Safe travels and health!postive

My last hours in Paris: reflections at the Louvre Museum

As my time in Paris was coming to an end, I wanted to make the most out of my time. Decided to eat at a Burger restaurant my local friends recommended. Had to take a picture of the menu, this is what the french think about Americans. Burgerz and french fries named after the current USA President. We truly have a bad reputation around the world.

Burger menu taken by Hugo Morel

Once my Burger was done and in my stomach, I left to go to the Louvre Museum. Took the short subway ride to the location. Wasn’t truly sure what to expect. I’m not really someone who likes going to museums.

Building with French flags taken by Hugo Morel

When I got out of the subway station, I was greeted with this awesome looking building. I just had to take a picture of it. Paris has so much beauty every where you go. Eventually, I entered the museum courtyard. Didn’t bother to pay the fee to go downstairs. I just wanted to relax and have some me time.

Outside view of Louvre Museum taken by Hugo Morel

Found a place to sit down and people watch. Yeah, I became an elder at heart. I love taking in the moment and seeing how people react to the museum’s pyramids.

The glass pyramids taken by Hugo Morel

I eventually got up to walk by the pyramids. These pyramids in Louvre Museum were made out of glass. They were made by a Chinese-American architect. It’s actually the entrance to the museum and a landmark to the city. It’s still hard to believe that I went to Egypt and saw the real pyramids. Until this day, it still shocks me.

The entrance to the Louvre Museum taken by Hugo Morel

Something about seeing people walking to the entrance reminded me of all my travels. Looking back at my experiences, life is such an adventure. You never really think your life is exicting or interesting, until you are forced to write about it. Where I come from, traveling to Europe is so out of reach. Looking back, you never really take account on how far you have came. I accomplished so much for some random ghetto kid from California.

Ps. I really recommend you all get a journal and write about your life experiences. You will be surprised at your achievements!

The suburbs of Paris taken by Hugo Morel

Finally my time was up. Off to the airport, I went. I’m going back home, as a person with more confidence. I can walk a little taller knowing I’m breaking barriers by traveling.

Reflecting on the beauty of Paris, I can see why people fall in love with this place. Unfortunately, my love affair with Paris was more like a fling. My time here was short. Still, I couldn’t wait for my next adventure and to start a new chapter.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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Entering the smallest country in the world

Vatican city, the home base of the Catholic Church. A country of about 1000 people and the place where the Pope lives. Do not let the name confuse you, it’s actually a country.

St. Peter’s square taken by Hugo Morel

Although, it’s not recognized by the United Nations as an actual country; Vatican city is self-governed. Besides speaking Italian, the Pope’s home is not apart of Italy nor Rome; even if it’s in the middle of Italy’s capital.

St. Peter’s square at sun rise taken by Hugo Morel

Entering this country feels more like an airport than immigration. You have to go through a metal detector. If someone acts up, they will have to deal with these guys.

The guards of Vatican City taken by Hugo Morel

To be honest, these guards I think are just for show. They aren’t really frightening nor to be taken seriously. Just look at those colors!

The entrance to Vatican City taken by Hugo Morel

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Much love!! Have an awesome weekend and stay healthy! Next time we will be exploring more of Vatican city.

Keep moving forward, my life’s story

So, I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I wanted to write about my life to inspire others. Never really thought my life was interesting; until, a friend told me to start a blog. That blog became this. In this blog, I have written about the good times of me traveling the world. Life was not always great for me. There were times, I did not think my life was worth living. My teenager years were rough. I will share these events in my life, so it can inspire you to see a better future. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, no matter how hard life gets, keep a smile on your face.
So, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. During my childhood, my household was the average upper middle class family. My parents were both college educated. Everything was perfect, until the economy crashed down. Life became hard and money was not in abundance. That this time, my grandpa had fallen ill. He was on his last days. We could only afford one ticket at that time. My mother got to see her father scream my name, as he lost the will to live. At that moment, I made a promise to myself to always have some money leftover to travel when needed.

A few years past, my friends and I saved up money to travel. The first place we went to was Panama. During this trip, my passion for travel was born. These friends, helped my start my first business.

To not bore you all, all these negative events in my life became postive. In life, you must make the best out of any situation. I now own two businesses, have traveled to over 16 countries and four continents. Life gets better and remember to smile. That smile might help someone with thier hardships.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!  Next time we will continue my travels in Poland. Love you all! Have a great week and stay healthy!

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