My last hours in Paris: reflections at the Louvre Museum

As my time in Paris was coming to an end, I wanted to make the most out of my time. Decided to eat at a Burger restaurant my local friends recommended. Had to take a picture of the menu, this is what the french think about Americans. Burgerz and french fries named after the current USA President. We truly have a bad reputation around the world.

Burger menu taken by Hugo Morel

Once my Burger was done and in my stomach, I left to go to the Louvre Museum. Took the short subway ride to the location. Wasn’t truly sure what to expect. I’m not really someone who likes going to museums.

Building with French flags taken by Hugo Morel

When I got out of the subway station, I was greeted with this awesome looking building. I just had to take a picture of it. Paris has so much beauty every where you go. Eventually, I entered the museum courtyard. Didn’t bother to pay the fee to go downstairs. I just wanted to relax and have some me time.

Outside view of Louvre Museum taken by Hugo Morel

Found a place to sit down and people watch. Yeah, I became an elder at heart. I love taking in the moment and seeing how people react to the museum’s pyramids.

The glass pyramids taken by Hugo Morel

I eventually got up to walk by the pyramids. These pyramids in Louvre Museum were made out of glass. They were made by a Chinese-American architect. It’s actually the entrance to the museum and a landmark to the city. It’s still hard to believe that I went to Egypt and saw the real pyramids. Until this day, it still shocks me.

The entrance to the Louvre Museum taken by Hugo Morel

Something about seeing people walking to the entrance reminded me of all my travels. Looking back at my experiences, life is such an adventure. You never really think your life is exicting or interesting, until you are forced to write about it. Where I come from, traveling to Europe is so out of reach. Looking back, you never really take account on how far you have came. I accomplished so much for some random ghetto kid from California.

Ps. I really recommend you all get a journal and write about your life experiences. You will be surprised at your achievements!

The suburbs of Paris taken by Hugo Morel

Finally my time was up. Off to the airport, I went. I’m going back home, as a person with more confidence. I can walk a little taller knowing I’m breaking barriers by traveling.

Reflecting on the beauty of Paris, I can see why people fall in love with this place. Unfortunately, my love affair with Paris was more like a fling. My time here was short. Still, I couldn’t wait for my next adventure and to start a new chapter.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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  1. I spent two days in Paris and a couple of years ago and will never forget it. We went to the Louvre too and though we didn’t have enough time to do it justice, it was amazing. I wonder what sauce Americaine is?

  2. I wasn’t a huge museum fan or big on art until I visited the Louvre. As I walked through each room I was in awe of the amazing art it holds. You definitely need to be able to spend a couple of days in order to fully appreciate what it has to offer. It truly is a wondrous place❤️ The Catacombs are another recommended tour…the history in Paris is just so amazing.

  3. I finally got to read one of your posts and it was great. I remember my first visit to Paris and yes I loved it also. I also loved visiting the Louvre and could have spent days there. Thanks for the follow and look forward to reading more of yours. I am quite busy with studies and work so will be on but very randomly. Keep stratching those boundaries with travel – so much to learn!
    Peace and blessings! 🙂

  4. The way I figure, I will only be able to get to Europe once in my life, so I plan to make it a doozie! A full month, at least! I want to start up north and not come home until I have made it to Sicily! Just by your account, I could tell that a visit will be a coulter shock indeed, but I still intend to go and enjoy every moment I have there. Your photos here make me wish that trip was sooner vs later!

  5. Paris is my favorite place I’ve ever been! I was lucky enough to have a whole week there to explore, and while I was in awe of Versailles and Notre Dame and The Louvre, I loved the simple pleasures more…sipping coffee at outdoor cafes, people-watching, sneaking off to find Jim Morrison’s and Oscar Wilde’s graves, and the patisseries! I imagine I could be a very happy ex-pat, living there one day and writing! Great post!

  6. I’ve always loved Paris and this a great article, people don’t realise how much there is to see. You definitely need at least a week.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey there random ghetto kid! I started in Paris because I love it. Spent a week there a few years back. Enjoyed your post. I like people watching, too. From a random housewife. P. S. Blogging let’s you met some great random people. 😉

    1. My son had a fellowship there so if course we had to visit and support him. We love to travel and hope to more after my husband retires in 2021. We’re on the road now and heading to Colorado Springs today. Nice chatting with you.

  8. We totally agree with your idea about journaling your travel experiences. It truly is a great way to uncover plenty of your accomplishments. We put together a guidebook call Stress Free Currency that highlights the growth we saw in ourselves because of traveling.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Hugo.

    Let’s keep in touch.

  9. Great read! Love the comment about journaling….journaling stimulates creativity and reflection about where you’ve been and dreams about where you want to go!

  10. This post makes me want to visit Paris even more than I already did. “Sauce Americaine” was a new one to me, but makes me smile, only because I suspect I’m better off not knowing what it is (smiles). Thanks for sharing this window into your visit to one of the world’s most famous cities.

  11. I spent 3 days in Paris and I long to go back. One day, perhaps. Beautiful account of your trip. I did go inside the Louvre, spent the whole day there. Could not pass up on seeing the Mona Lisa

  12. I spent 3 days in Paris and I long to go back. One day, perhaps. Beautiful account of your trip. I did go inside the Louvre, spent the whole day there. Could not pass up on seeing the Mona Lisa

  13. I was in Paris for 4 days in March. I visited the Louvre Museum and it was beautiful. Great experience. And lol, we do not have a great reputation around the world. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip

    1. I have to revisit paris again. It’s truly my favorite city night. It has a charm like no other. Yes!! Every time i went to another country, people were surprised at how i wasnt morbidly obese….😬

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