Dublin: Being Persuaded by the Irish Charm

After getting rested, it was time to explore. The sun was just about to set and the colors of the skies were in full bloom. I was surprised as to how beautiful Dublin is. I know every European city has a certain sophistication; However, something about Dublin is truly   memorizing. The friendly atmosphere mixed with the upbeat smiles really made me enjoy my time in the Irish capital. It was a lot better being here than being in New York City. Comparing the two is somewhat interesting. New York’s I don’t care about you attitude verses Dublin’s friendly and upbeat attitude. If you have any self respect, I’m sure you know which one I would prefer.

A Dublin street photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I started walking just to see what was around. No goals just taking in the moment. I had all of tomorrow to see the tourist attractions. Right now, it was only about getting to enjoy the environment. One of my biggest problems while traveling is not really appreciating the fact that you are in another country. Sometimes it just feels unreal. Doesn’t really process in my mind where I am at all the time. Yeah, I know took a flight to another part of the world but sometimes it doesn’t fully sink in. It’s clear that the language and culture is different; yet, it’s almost like you are not living in the present and only thinking about the future.  I’m usually focused on getting to see all the touristic sites. So much to a point that I do not value being very far from home. I was not going to let that happen here. Luckily, it was hard not to be in the present while in Dublin.

The beauty of  Dublin photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The Irish charm is hard to resist. Just look at the photos and I’m sure you can understand. Classic Irish music blasting from pubs (for us North Americans that means bars).  It almost made me want to live here. Well at least, reconsidered living in New York City.  Before coming to Dublin, I was never really interested in seeing this part of Europe. Well of course, all that changed during my small time exploring around. The turns of the small  European style streets mixed with the looks of people not being stressed out and enjoying their lives is hard not to like. I lived in smaller america cities and been to small towns in Canada. Dublin has that small town feel with the big city lifestyle. People here act like there are from a small town. The smiles I kept getting when I asked random questions. All this made me smile and enjoy the present. No thinking about what I’m about to do and only thoughts about what is going on now.

The River liffey during sunset photo courtesy Of Hugo Morel

Ran back to see the river liffey before the sun went down. From the picture above, it is clear why I wanted to see the river. The pictures can only capture half of how beautiful it was in person. I truly recommend everyone to visit this place. I have been convinced Dublin is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Also, it comes close in beauty when compared to Paris. Can’t wait to see and explore more!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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41 thoughts on “Dublin: Being Persuaded by the Irish Charm

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  1. Great photos! I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

    I noticed that you are the only one posting lately Hugo. You used to go back and forth, taking turns posting with your friend. Has that changed!

    Do you travel for business, too, or just fun? You seem to only stay for a few days at a time. My traveling seems to be …stay for months, then move on to a new place 🙂

    1. I travel for a mixture of reason. Mostly to see the world and experience other people’s culture. I do it for business probably a third of time. I want to travel more business in the future. It’s a great way of learning the world. I’m only gone for at a week at most because i have pets at home. I hate other people taking care of them. I don’t comfortable bringing them on the long flights plus the extra headaches of having to feed them while in the air. Also travel to visit family. I have family members all over the world. Hope to visit more of them soon!

      Yeah, i have been posting by myself. I don’t like drama nor bringing negativity around me. I was back stabbed when they put the blog in a LLC under their name. So i had to change the website’s name for legal reasons. I helped them so much on everything and I got was negativity. They even went on saying im a scammer. I cant have people like that around me so i had to cut them off. It hurt alot but they showed me they only wanted to be around me for what i can do for them.

      1. I’ve had so many “friends”, family, employers, landlords, etc. treat me that way. Again, am sorry that happened to you. I like the new blog better. It was disjointed before with one locale started then another inserted, then back to the first one maybe….this flows better!

      2. i appreciate the apology. it’s not your fault so no need. hopefully, i will never turn into them…my biggest fear. it’s unfortunately you were treated that way, you seem like a genuinely nice person. thank you! I try to keep a flow going. i really enjoy sharing with everyone. I have so many topic to share about 🙂 safe travels!

  2. I loved Dubin and you’re right- people there are incredibly friendly. I definitely want to go back, but there are still so many unexplored places on my bucket list.

      1. I told them when they moved: it’s not an easy country to live in, but a very normal one:). And yes, I am looking forward to my future visit, and meanwhile will keep reading what you have to say:)

      2. thank you! yeah i noticed that life seem expensive in dublin. however, from what i saw it would probably worth it. new york city is expensive for no reason. hope you enjoy my post! make sure visit limerick!

  3. It’s not so about the cost of living, but more about when you have a family, you need to be accepted into certain social circles, you need to have good schools accessible, and that all are very different in Dublin; if you come there and have no network. Like their kid is nine and it’s already too late for him to get into a decent high school… but they will figure that out 🙂

  4. Nice read. The first time I visited Ireland was over 30 years ago – same reaction as you! It’s nice to see that relaxed vibe has stayed in Dublin, despite it’s growth. A lot to do with the Irish character I suspect.

    1. Glad i wasn’t the only person to feel that vibe! Yeah it’s still very chill. Noticed that about the Irish it’s very calm. Sure you got traffic but nothing like new york or L.A.

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