The Corona virus outbreak: Knowing someone is looking out for you

For those who are aware of what’s going on in the global news. There is a virus getting passed around China and Southeast Asia. It started last month in December. Someone infected started spreading the virus internationally. The first case of an international infected person was in Thailand. Eventually, more case were found throughout South East Asia.

The reason why I’m writing this is because I was in Wuhan last month. Actually went there twice in one week. This means I was there when the outbreaks first started happening. Currently after about 30 days, I feel amazing and healthy! I have no signs of the sickness. Another close call that I have escaped. Looking back on all my experiences, I’m truly blessed. Someone or something has been looking out for me on all my travels.

The yellow dot marks where Wuhan is on the Chinese map

As I write this, an estimated of 1, 723 people are infected. Currently there are screenings for flights coming from Wuhan. I went to get a medical check up and nothing showed up as alarming. All this is mind blowing when I sit down and think about it. About a year and half ago, I was on that Dubai Flight full of sick people. How I traded seats with two different people to seat away from those who were infected. Still to this day is hard for even me to believe it happened. Which at the time of the flight, I had no idea what was going on.  As crazy as this sounds, I always follow my gut feeling. If I do not feel anything wrong, I’m usually at peace. That “sixth sense” has helped me out on multiple situations. Which a lot of you have read some of them. The one time I didn’t paid attention to that feeling, I broke my arm.


Regardless of what is happening, I will be posting about my time in Wuhan, China. So please do not read the posts with negativity. I really enjoyed my short stay there. It is a beautiful city with very friendly people and a rich culture. I hope when things die down,  some of you will get the chance to visit this part of china. It will make you rethink about the Chinese stereotypes and what is heard on the news.

Happy early Chinese New Years everyone! Much Love and safe travels!!

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33 thoughts on “The Corona virus outbreak: Knowing someone is looking out for you

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  1. I’m so glad you avoided this virus. We checked in our work and it was created by the Chinese faction of the dark secret government. It is a way to control people. With your spiritual connection you are protected by the light and thus able to avoid these contaminations.

      1. Think about how shut down many Chinese cities are right now, too. Fear is a big part of controlling people. The dark uses that a lot….keep people panicking about the virus, a flu outbreak…on and on. It sells their poisonous vaccinations and medications and policies.

      2. i read there were about 14 at the moment and Chinese government has built hospitals just for this outbreak. it’s sickening to think people would do this for profit.

      3. After 5 years, this lifetime, and my memories of doing the work to shut down the dark for millions and millions of years, I’ve learned a lot about how low the depravity goes. When disclosure finally happens, people will be shocked to find out how extensive this depravity exists.

  2. I’m glad you are ok. we are in the midst of trying to get a refund for our son’s upcoming flight back to the U.S. from Thailand, since it goes through Wuhan..

      1. well currently there are 14 Chinese cities shutdown. it’s pretty bad at this point people are dying but they are only give out number they feel comfortable sharing…it’s definitely on an epidemic

  3. I am concerned that Big Pharma controls any release of treatment information. The recent breakthrough in Seattle leads me to believe something I’ve suspected for a few weeks. There may be another treatment on the horizon!

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