Travel horror story at Motel 6

Didn’t think I was going to survive on this. Well, maybe I’m being a little dramatic right now. However, the story I’m about to tell you will make you feel uncomfortable with this motel brand.

On the way to Richmond, Virginia photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

We were going to Richmond, Virginia for a business event. All the nearby hotels were full. The only choice was Motel 6. I have used them in the past when I went on a road trip across the USA. However, nothing could prepare me for what was in store.

Entrance to motel 6 photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got to my room, noticed I was not alone. Two cockroaches made thier presences known when I moved my pillow. I was not bothered by it too much; however, it was a clear sign this isn’t a well kept motel.

A few hours pasted by, heard people screaming in the other room. Unfortunately, I was hearing stds being exchanged.

Motel 6 sign photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I heard a fight broke out next door. From what I overheard, the prostitute’s client got into a fight with her pimp. I felt so unsafe and uncomfortable. The police came with what looked like guns. Apparently, it was much more than just prostitution. It seems like drugs were involved. While all this was happening next door, I was trying to fall asleep with my two new cockroach friends.

After some time, arrests were made. Didn’t think it was going to ever end. I was annoyed that I paid the motel for this experience. Had to call the corporate number to get a refund. Never again will I stay at a Motel 6.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and much love!

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  1. Yikes. Bad experience. I stayed at a Quality Inn once, but it seems that only the bedbugs had the quality. I was badly bitten up. I think Motel 6 and Super 8 franchises can be good, but if they are a cheap rate motel, they will also attract a certain type of clientele. Stay safe. Allan

    1. 😫😫😫 i know that feeling of bring unwanted gifts back home from a bad motel. I had to throw away all my furniture. Yeah not all motel 8s are bad. I actually never had issues with super 8. Yeah main reason why i do mainly airbnb

  2. I have my own Motel 6 in Virginia, in Emporia near the state line with NC. I was traveling south and turned off the road (the dark dark unlit road) and they only thing visible was the Motel 6 sign. It had the looks of a hooker hotel, including the wary staff, but it seemd to be the only place around. The building backed up into a wooded area. The best word for the room is “damp.” It all seemed dirty and spooky, if not exactly threatening of doom. In the morning, I noticed that there were many signs of life off of the northbound exit. Now I know a drive around in the pitch black after midnight can be worth the effort.

      1. I agree that some franchise owners are more earnest than others. I love Virginia and I really want to get back and hike there. Happy New Year!

  3. Smiles, horror story, indeed. If I ever went to a hotel or motel and I saw a roach in the room, I’d be like, “I want my money back, completely” ,and I’d head out to sleep in my car. Horrible and the rest of the horror story was just as bad. Good you are sharing the information with those that might want to stay at a motel . Personally, I like camping out in nature better than staying at a motel. Merry Christmas peace

  4. The roaches would have run me off well before I had a chance to know about the guns and prostitutes. Life is too short to save a few bucks at cheap motels!!!! Good reporting and sorry you had this experience.

  5. Man this is right up my alley, I’ve had some bizarre Motel 6 experiences, from blood or make up stained towels to guests going and cleaning the rooms because the employees were nowhere to be found. It’s best to avoid these motels at all costs!

  6. omg that sounds so scary ! I had a friend who stayed at a motel 6 once; he said he ran some water through the coffee maker they provide in the room to clean it out before making coffee…he said as the water went into the mug, there were a few cockroaches that fell out :/

  7. Hi, I hope you’ve had better! This makes me want to be a lot more careful about where I’m staying!

  8. Such a lovely place to visit!. I was there a few years ago and I would recommend the Conbo Tour: Alcatraz Island and City Tour. Also, if you like wines… visit Napa Valley and check out the different vineyards.

  9. Very interesting! I had always thought of that incident as something ethereal/supernatural, but not necessarily indicative of anything relating to time-travel.Pegasus uçak bileti

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