How to use the Paris subway

Now, Paris is a very expensive city. Taking a taxi from the international airports will cost an arm and a leg. The most affordable way to get around Paris is through it’s metro system.

Subway in Paris taken by Hugo Morel

I took the train from the Charles De Gaulle airport shuttle. It left me infornt of a subway entrance. Watch out for gypsies that claim to want to help you when you are trying to buy metro tickets. They claim to want to help; however, most of the time it’s just a way to get money out of you or to pickpocket you.

Paris metro map brought to you by google

The Paris subway has stops near almost all the main tourist attractions. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on a taxi or to rent a car. The Paris metro is very reliant.

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A one-way ticket will cost you about 2 euros. A daily pass will cost about 7 euros. Weekly, will cost about 20 euros and monthly, will cost about 65 euros. These prices are very affordable. Also, the price of a weekly metro pass will cost less than most taxis in Paris going one-way.

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Careful when buying the tickets at the station, a lot of the ticket machines are in french only. A gypsy appeared out of nowhere, when she found out I was having trouble with the ticket machine. Luckily, a local saw me and showed me how to order a weekly pass. There are metro workers in booths in some stations that can help you out, as well.

Subway train taken by Hugo Morel

When taking the actual trains, you have to keep a few things in mind. One, the train doors do not automatically open. Unless, you press a button on the middle of the door. Just keep a watch on how people exist the train carts. It will save you from missing your stop. Also, keep a high alert on Line 9. Line 9 is a train line within the Paris metro notorious for pickpocketing. Lastly, pickpocketing is another factor to keep in mind.

A sign warning about pickpocketing brought to you by google

Pickpocketing in the Paris metro is common. Here’s a few tips to remember. Make sure to be fully awake on the train carts. Any signs of sleepiness makes you a target. Another tip to keep in mind is the sound of when the doors are about to close. That’s when pickpocketers go on the hunt. Always be on alert, when you hear that noise. They would steal and run out of the door before you have time to react. Lastly, watch out for beggars. The moment you take out your money, another person runs to steal your wallet.

Now this post isn’t here to make you fearful of the Paris metro. Just wanted you to be aware. That way, your time in the beautiful French capital isn’t ruined due to some thieves.

Thank you for reading! Safe travels and much love!

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  1. I agree that the Paris metro is the best way to get around the city– really, there’s no point to take a taxi anywhere: it’s too expensive and traffic is horrible, anyway. It’s true that pickpockets operate in the metro, but holding onto your belongings and giving off confidence will minimize your chances of being a target. Great post!

  2. Don’t forget about the buses! While the metro is great oftentimes the bus is just as fast for a short to medium length trip (as long as it is not the height of rush hour) and you get to see the sights. There are some great bus routes that are almost like a tour bus.

  3. Good tips – the Paris subway is nice. I recall riding it in 2007. I also recall climbing many sets of steps up, over, and down the other side of rails – good exercise but a little tiring with heavy luggage. Good tips on pick-pockets; they are everywhere in Rome, too.

  4. WOW! Such a wonderful and informative post! I am heading to Paris this Summer so I cannot wait to use these wonderful and very helpful tips you shared! Your blog is so wonderful and I cannot wait to read more of your adventure posts. Great job 🙂

  5. Great tips! Paris is a destination I want to visit. This post will ensure that I save money traveling and don’t get robbed. Happy travels!

  6. Makes me want to go to Paris so bad!
    But idk why bc of what you said about pickpocketers. Maybe I’m just rebellious. Lol But I do love the metro and just the thought of Paris itself sounds amazing no matter how you slice it.

  7. I have always been very reluctant to try the Metro, we walk in Paris…everywhere. So, thank you for giving me a little more information. We visit Paris about once a year in the late winter when it isn’t crowded. Pickpockets are a real problem, my wallet was stolen our first day in Paris last February. And you are correct, I was jet lagged and tired and inattentive.

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