How to use Dubai’s metro system, what you need to know to not get in trouble

With this city’s over the top strive to be the best. There is a lot of differences compared to Western public transportation. I could not roll my eyes even more after finding out they have the only five star subway station. Although, Dubai’s metro system seem to be the world’s best. There are rules one must follow, if you want a smooth time.

A subway station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

For starters, you don’t see people asking for money. That is something this country really tries hard not to have. The government pays the homeless to go back to their country. As harsh as that sounds, it’s better than just leaving them out to die in the rough desert environment. Especially, when summer comes around with the sand storms.

The top level of the “five star subway station” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Another tip is to not eat in subway carts. Yes, that is illegal and could cause you a fine. Of course, I saw the sign while I was eating donuts. Luckily for me, there wasn’t any cops nearby. The fine is about 100 AED, which is about 30 us dollars.

The second Level of the “five star subway station” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Dubai’s metro is very clean. There is no litter on the subway carts. Dropping or forgetting something on a subway cart could lead you to a 200 AED fee. Which is about 70 USD.   Keep that in mind because the more fines you get, the more unwated attention you attract to yourself. Which is never good in a foreign country. Also, Sleeping in waiting areas can result to fines as well. Same amount as of 200 AED.  I wish they had these rules in New York City.

The five start trophy photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Another rule is carrying alcohol while on a public vehicle can result in charges or fees, if you are found out. If you are carrying beers or wine bottles in your bag, please make sure they do not make much noise. Remember this is a Muslim majority country after all. Being found with alcohol in non-approved areas can lead into some serious trouble. It all depends which type of cop you run into. I heard stories online of people being found with alcohol and being sent to jail. Which caused them to lose their flight.

The stations mark where the women’s section will be photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Lastly there is a woman’s section on the subway trains. They are usually a lot nicer and less crowded. From what I saw, there are usually empty seats. Only women are allowed to go with the exception of little kids. Of course, Me being me. I ended up walking into and taking a seat in this section. Took me a minute to find out why it was so empty. Saw a lot of pink on the floor and the word women was written everywhere. Luckily, there was no police around. So, I did not get in trouble.

Hey everyone! This post is not to scare you. It’s just to keep you aware. I do suggest reading Dubai metro rules.  Here is the link to keep you informed. Dubai is awesome and there is no reason as to why some culture differences should ruin your time here.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. The segregation of the women in public places doesn’t appeal to me at all….very strange and not appealing because I know all the women are treated like possessions. Every man I know who has gone there has loved it….I wonder why lol.

    1. Yeah.. I don’t like it either. That is my main dislike of the muslim culture. In dubai and the uae, they make the woman’s side look nicer to encourage it. They do have the choice to go either one in this country. However, it still gives me leaves me with a distaste. I was aware of this the whole time. I traveled with my girl on this one. It was even impossible to get the same hotel with her. I love dubai but dislike the segregation.

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