Warsaw, a city of history and a bad memory

After a 2 hour flight from Denmark, we arrive at Warsaw, Poland. This city was breathtaking and bleeding with modern history. A city that was once torn apart because of war, has bounced back to become a  global metropolis.

From the Russians to the Germans, Warsaw has seen a lot violence. A lot of the local art, reflects it’s history.

The part of Warsaw we were staying in, the buildings were new. The area was hit by Nazism during World War two and was left in ruins.  Most buildings now, are high-rises. We did not really get to see true Polish architecture. Well, at least not in Warsaw.

Trying Polish food was very interesting. Some of the foods were not to my liking and others were amazing. Right now, I will focus on the dish that was not so favorable.

The Polish love soup! The one soup, I regret trying, was mushroom soup. The picture above is the monstrosity. It’s as good as it looks, probably worse. I could not take the taste out of my mouth afterwards. Unfortunately, this taste well forever be engraved in memory.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Sorry for being a little late this week.  Open Wifi in Cairo, is not an easy find. Next week we will be taking a nice hike on the outskirts of Warsaw. We will see real Polish architecture! Stay safe and much love!

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  1. Polish architecture? Not only Warsaw:) You have to visit Krakow!
    Warsaw is very interesting and modern now. It is incredible how this city was rebuilt after World War II. It was totally destroyed. To see how much disaster it was, you have to visit Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego.

    Have a lovely travel!

  2. Where on earth did you go to eat? there are some fabulous restuarants in Warsaw – or at least there were until about six weeks ago. the picture of your soup is indeed a monstrosity. Reminds me of a dreadful soup I ate in Chinatown in New york about ten years ago. evn the check tablecloths look the same!
    read my blog for other snippets about Poland

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