Swimming with sharks in Shark Ray Alley

Yes, you read right. I went swimming with sharks. I have been doing some wild stuff this year. Needed to break out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. You can’t live inside your mental box forever.

Looking at the Nurse sharks from the boat photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After going around the Barrier Reef, we went to shark ray alley. This part of Hol Chan had been made a tourist attraction due to all the sharks and sting rays. Tourists would swim with these dangerous and majestic creatures.

Underwater look of the sharks photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I was the third to jump in. We had some courageous people on our tour. They knew all about sharks and the Marine Wildlife. It was a young professional couple who were marine biologists. They were traveling the world together after finishing their master’s degrees.

More underwater photo of the shark photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Getting in the water with these sharks was nerve wrecking. I kept my distances like a kid not wanting to eat broccoli. Still I was in awe with the sharks. You see them in movies and in the zoo. However, seeing them in person with no glass separating you was once in a life time experience.

A closer look of the nurse shark photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started to swim closer to where the action was. The sharks looked like gentle animals that just wanted food. I kept getting a harmless vibe from these sharks. I saw the couple practically in the middle of where the sharks were eating. The sharks were feasting on the droppings the tour guides were leaving. Knowing what they were, the marine biologists even touched them. When I saw this at the time, I seriously thought these people were crazy.

Another closer look of the nurse shark photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

So these sharks are actually nurse sharks. They are like the couch potatoes of the shark family. Usually found in shallow waters and they are bottom feeders. Nurse sharks do not attack humans, unless they feel antagonisted. There have only been 5 recorded attacks from these somewhat gentle beasts. Even though their mouths are filled with sharp teeth, it’s not big enought to rip a limb off. It’s almost getting like bitten by a dog.

What I call “underwater grass” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Keeping my distances, I was still in awe with the nurse sharks. They reminded me of dogs. The way the sharks moved had me thinking of my pets at home. Sometimes you forget how smart wildlife can be. As I was thinking about this, a nurse shark swam under me. One of the most scariest moments on this trip and probably the year. At the time, I did not know much about sharks. So of course, I thought I skipped death.

A sting ray photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

While still being in the water, I saw a sting ray. It was about 40 feet away from me. Heard the stories about these creatures. I was definitely not wanting to pet this animal. It was fine just looking from afar. Being in this underwater world has really changed my views. This experience made me wonder. Who’s more deadlier, humans or sharks? Life is so amazing. Truly glad to have witnessed this Marine ecosystem.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

About three of you had a sneek peak of this post. Accidentally, pressed the publish buttom trying to preview. Anyways, thank you for being patience.

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  1. Wow. I want to try this. I use to be terrified of snakes and the way I got over it was by touching and holding them. Snakes? Super terrified lol. So..you know what that mean? TIME TO PLAN A SHARK SWIM! Yes!

  2. I’m tempted to follow in your ‘flipper’ steps! I’ve swam with wild manatees in Cuba as well as dolphins. both were amazing experiences, this looks like a bucket list experience for me!

  3. Moving out of comfort zone is very necessary for development. Meeting with sharks is really very scary and horrifying.
    Great post. ❤❤❤

  4. O my god… okay you really are leaving out side the box. you did well !!
    Is it true that they smell blood ? are you nervous to not make your self bleeding at all while swimming ?

  5. Wow, what cool pictures. I think I would have been too afraid to swim with the sharks. What a beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing this time and all the pics. Love Joni

  6. WOW this post gave me a bit of anxiety haha (shark-phobia over here) but I am loving your attitude of just doing what scares you. We only have one life, we gotta grow right!? AMAZING pics.

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