Exploring San Rafael, Mendoza

When in Argentina, make sure to visit the city of San Rafael. In the province of Mendoza, San Rafael has a clam atmosphere. Still very city-like; yet, with a small town feel.

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The city of San Rafael has a wide selections of restaurants. Although, not as much as the country’s capital, Buenos Aires. Make sure to stop by the Havanna. It’s a nice little restaurant that I got a lemon key pie for about one american dollar. This was back in July of 2013. Hopefully, the value of the dollar has not fallen too much.

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Walking down it’s streets, San Rafael is truly small compared to Buenos Aires.  The city’s streets are not as compacted as the capital’s. Also, the roads are not as filled with traffic.

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Never expected to see this guy here, Goku. Along with Chuck Norris, these are signs of globalization.

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From what locals have informed me, Dragon Ball, and a lot of other manga/anime, have a big audience in Argentina.  Still, seeing Chuck Norris here, shocks me.

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While in San Rafael, we actually made a detour. These nuns that we met in Buenos Aires, invited us to a local shelter for abandoned women to help them with some chores. It is hard to refuse to people that made you pizza for free. One of the chores, was digging trenches so that water can flow into the shelter. At the end, it feels good to help others.

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Make sure when visiting another hemisphere to know that seasons are the opposite from North to South. We had to learn the hard way that Summer up North is Winter down South. It was freezing and this was our heater in the picture above.  It started snowing, while we were here. The lesson here is to bring a jacket.


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