The province of Mendoza, Argentina’s Wine country

Published by Hugo Morel

The Province of Mendoza, a wine geek’s paradise. The Province is full of wineries. With it’s inexpensive and sweet wine, the Province has gotten a boom of enotourism.

Published by Hugo Morel

We bought a bottle of wine for about two american dollars. For high end wine, the cost was about sixty american dollars. Regardless, both wine were good. Most of their wine-making  technique come from Italy. So, their wine, whether inexpensive or high end,  is on a world class level. Make sure to check out local wine museums. I recommend going to bodega la rural, they gave a detailed history class of Argentine wine. Also, this is where we were able to buy our two dollar bottle wine.

Published by Hugo Morel

The Province has many similarities to America’s most famous wine country, Napa and Somona County, California. The similarities are striking. Napa  and Sonama  are counties located in the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of  mountainous terrain. While, Mendoza shares the Andes mountains with Chile to the west, as shown in the picture above. Also, many of the cities are named the same. In the San Francisco Bay, there is a city called San Rafael and another city called Santa Rosa. Ironically, the province of Mendoza has cities with the same name.

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  1. Now I know who should I contact for wine suggestion.Looks like you know a lot about it. 🙂 I have tried drinking wine,once,and it was accidentally.Thought it was some kind of juice only.Didn’t like the taste..Haha

      1. Yeah,some friends says the same thing.And wow,that sounds great! Making your own wine.I bet it tasted better considering the “fruit of labor” as they say. 🙂

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