Night Time adventures in Mendoza, Argentina

The City of Mendoza is located in the province of Mendoza. As the province’s capital, the city has a lot to offer.  To see the city’s true beauty, you have to experience it at night time.

Published by Hugo Morel

The night brings the city to life in a whole new perspective. The darkness brings an element of excitement to this city. The beautiful south american sky will only leave you in awe.

Walking down it’s street at night, the city makes you feel like you are in some European city. Mendoza has an interesting transportation system. They have trolleys similar to San Francisco. I really do recommend coming here and trying the public transportation system. You get a better view of the city.

Published by Hugo Morel

Another familiar sight, similar to when I was in San Rafael, Argentina. The Havanna coffee shops in Argentina are comparable to the Starbucks in the USA.  Make sure, to stop if you like coffee and pastries.

published by Hugo Morel

Every time I see an American restaurant outside the USA, I tend to have mixed feelings. There is a sense of culture lost.

published by Hugo Morel

At night, the city’s fountains shine more. It is truly beautiful, to see the lights hit the water as it shoots up.


Looks like Forbes is also in Argentina. Want to be a millionaire by age 40?SDC10257

When traveling at night, in any city, make sure to always look at your surroundings. Argentina is a generally safe country but still be on the look out. I was warned by locals that teenage drug-use is high and they tend to commit crimes. Just watch out for local punks.



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