Inside Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque

One of the most famous mosques in the world. Constantly shown to us as a luxury. The Grand mosque of Abu Dhabi is Marvel to see in person. It makes you realize how much this country loves their religion.

The view of the mosque from the taxi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The taxi driver pointed out that I could take pictures from afar. I asked him just to make sure. Didn’t want any surprises. The whole me wearing shorts kept poking my mind. Asked the driver about my shorts and he said that it won’t be a problem. I just wouldn’t be able to go to where the Muslims were praying. Which was fine. Meanwhile, I was my crossing finger hoping he was right. Didn’t want to go this city for nothing.

Outside view of the mosque photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Finally, got to the entrance. I was dropped off and my new friend left. We had an interesting conversation. He was from Iran and told me his opinion about the mosque. I was let known very well that it was beautiful; however, there are other mosques all over the Muslim world that are much prettier.

View of the mosque passing the security check photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

You have to pass a security point. Similar to airports with metal directors. It was cool to see that a few of the security guards had the traditional white arab robes. If you turn around passing the security check point, there is a line of taxi drivers waiting outside. At least, I knew there won’t be any problems going back to the bus station.

On the mosque’s lawn Photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once inside, you have to walk the long courtyard. The blazing sun hitting the white marble floor was making the environment warmer. The place felt like a house of royalty. Finally got to the point where you have to take off your shoes. Left my shoes with the guards and starting explore the small areas that were allowed.

One of the areas tourists are allowed to wander photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The combinations of the white and gold were jaw dropping. In complete awe, I took in the moment. This mosque is a work of art. Completely different than the Iranian/Persian mosque, I visited the other day. Also, the ones I saw in Egypt were not at this level. This is mosque gave more of a sense of wealth. You can tell there was an abundance of money here. All the mosques I visited in Egypt, many were run down with little money. However, they have more soul to them.

The grand mosque is very beautiful; yet, this is not my kind of thing. Love their expression of appreciation towards their religion. Everything was perfect and on point. The Grand mosque reminded me of a sports car. Lovely to look at and to be in one. While, Egyptian mosques were more like a community church van to me. The ones that picked you up to make sure you went to Sunday masses. Enjoy both but prefer the van.

Outside view of where the muslims went to pray photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Learned from Muslim friends, each region of the Muslim world has their own unique style of mosque. The Persian and Egyptian styles, I have already shown on this blog. Hope to share how each region looks like to you all.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journeys! I kept a journal when I hitched through Morrocco in 1971, but never used the camera. Rode the train to Marrakech in Class E, along with the natives and their chickens. Traveling illuminates the world and its peoples in a way that nothing else can do. Love it that you’re helping others to travel.

    1. wow! that sounds amazing! been to morrocco but by train in first class. I would love to do that one day. just scared of hitchhiking. Now that you mention how the e class was, I kind of want to do that haha sounds like an awesome experience. travel really does, i have no racist thought in my head at all.

  2. It’s an amazing place to look at yes, but also it serves as one community when in times of EID or special occasions, everybody are welcome just come and have dinner with every different people be it man, woman or a child… sitting down on the ground and eating free dinner with everybody as religion doesn’t matter. For how long the holiday are then they provide this free meal for all and it’s provided by the government. FYI.

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