Abu Dhabi: Seeing UAE’s second biggest city

Abu Dhabi is the Los Angeles of UAE. Second largest city and probably the more beautiful. It’s also the capital of this oil rich country. The name meaning in arabic is “father of gazelles.” It is located on an Island in the Persian Gulf. Reminds me of Manhattan.

Abu Dhabi skyline photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I first got to this city, I noticed how clean and less congested the streets look. Dubai is clean but not like Abu Dhabi. The city felt like I was driving through a clean Miami. The buildings and roads also reminded me of Milan, Italy. This oil rich capital is very beautiful.

Walking up the steps to the royal Palace photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started to explore the place, a few locals to me to visit the Royal Palace. Of course, I only came here to see the Grand mosque. At this moment, I was finding something to do until then. Never been inside a Royal Palace. So, why not?

In front of the Royal Palace photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got dropped off by a taxi near the entrance. Taxis in this city are like new york city. Just less expensive in my experience. The taxis are regulated so you do not have to worry about being ripped off. However, the drivers might take the longer route to get more money. Keep on the outlook.

Water works photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got to the Palace’s main entrance, I was told that I could not visit since I had shorts. The nerve of the people who suggested me going here, not telling me this. I was somewhat disappointed that I could not go inside. I didn’t want the situation to ruin my mood. So, I walked down the steps and started watching the water works.

In the taxi seeing the presidental palace photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Burning in the sun, I almost got up to run into them. The fact that no one else was doing it made me think otherwise. Got back on a taxi and I was off to the Grand mosque.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. I hate it when you get bad clothing advice. Last year my husband and I and another couple went to Spain. We read on multiple travel sites that it’s not cool for men to wear shorts there and that we would be frowned upon if they did. Guess what. We got there, it’s 90 degrees, and ALL the were wearing shorts. Go figure. Sorry you couldn’t go in the mosque

  2. It is best to do some research about culture since you are in a Muslim Country. UAE may be open and tolerant but still not the same as the Western cultures in so many ways. For example, you or your girlfriend cannot stay in one room in a hotel or any accommodation, you must show both your passports and that shows the same surname otherwise there are instances they will ask for a copy of the marriage certificate. A resident must show both Emirates ID. If get caught you will be in much trouble so not worth the risk. FYI.

    1. thank you for the suggestion. we did noticed that we were looking for an apartment for air bnb. it was bad until we tried booking different apartments. hard to believe that everything is so different compared to the west.

      1. If it’s a cheap one expect it bad. Most tourist stays in hotel not air bnb as it is not legal. Renting an apartments in AD if you are a resident the cost depends on the quality of location plus you have to pay it annual. That’s why mostly Companies include that in the pay or benefits. Anywhere in the world, it’s location location location 🙂 Hope you have a good stay nevertheless. Lot’s to see just look for AD World free magazines or Yalla magazine so you know where else to go.

  3. How frustrating! Palmed off with water works to match those you would have been justified in turning on! There is something rather daunting about those skyscrapers.

  4. While visiting middle eastern countries it is highly advisable to not wear any revealing clothes to any symbolic places as per the Arabic customs of modesty
    Sad that you weren’t informed about it!

    1. yes, i learned that the hard way. im glad i keep learning about different the usa is compared other parts of the world. I cant be too mad. my local friends helped out me out alot

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