lasciando Roma-on the outskirts

Leaving Rome is always a hard task. A city as historic and classic like this makes you think twice. Leaving the center of the Roman Empire is an action usually ending with a heartbreak . Especially, if you love history, arts and food.

A stereotypical Italian car photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Even though my time in Rome was short-lived, there was a bright side. We would be doing an Italian road trip. So, we would see the countryside of Italy again. Something, I was excited to experience once more. For this country, I do not mind experiencing it twice and possibly a third time.

Views of the hills in the background photo courtesy Hugo Morel

As we left to the outskirts of the city, our group got to see the nature usually overlooked by tourists. Our starting point was in a suburb of Rome. The part I love about going to the suburbs is the open space. It’s not too remote like the countryside; yet, not too congested like the city.

A quite neighborhood outside of rome photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As the calm warm breeze hit my face, I felt so relaxed. This looks like California during the winter time. The hills mixed with green and gold, it’s hard not to enjoy the moment. Falling in love with Italy is not diffcult. The food, music, views and the people make it difficult to ever want to leave this country.

Red flower photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It was time to start the road trip. We all got on our tour bus. Expect me, of course. Got lost looking at this flower. Lost in my thoughts, all I could think about how different Italian honey would taste like compared to back home. Even at this time, I was thinking about food. Eventually got on the bus and my Italian adventures were just starting. If my face at that moment could be an emjoi, it would be the heart eyes smile one. Italy has a vibe that is hard to match.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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