Taking a bus to Abu Dhabi

So I found out the famous Grand mosque was not in Dubai. Kept searching for it online on a Dubai map but nothing was showing up. It wasn’t until I googled the Grand mosque, I found out it was in Abu Dhabi. UAE’s second largest city, which was a two hour drive. Didn’t not to drive in a forgien country due to fear of what could happen, I kept looking for taxis. Found out it would cost me about 100 USD to get there by taxi one way.

The al ghubaiba train station photo courtesy Hugo Morel

I’m sure you all know, I’m too frugal to spend 100 dollars for a taxi ride. Found out from a local friend, I could take a bus for about 16 us dollars roundtrip. To take the bus, I had to take the subway to the station shown in the picture above.

Walking to the bus station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once outside, it’s about a 3 block walk to the bus station. Got losted and started asking around. People in Dubai are very friendly and helpful. Most would love to help tourists without asking for anything in return. So do not be afraid to ask.

The bus station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I found the bus station. Went to buy the bus tickets and there were two lines. One for women and the other for men. The whole segregation of gender is still hard for me to understand. Women don’t have to take go to the women’s line. They can choose whatever line they want. However, the women’s line is quicker and less people hassling you. The men’s line you have to pay attention or they will cut you in line. Which is never fun. Luckily, there was not that many people there when I bought my tickets. Just one problematic person.

Inside the bus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once on the bus, you get to choose wherever you want to sit. It had air conditioning and the sits weren’t too bad. It was definitely worth the 16 dollars. Once the bus started driving off, I kept thinking how faraway from home I was. Dubai’s senerary was beautiful and exotic to me. The farther away we left Dubai and it’s metropolitan area, the more desert looking the senerary got. Lost in the moment, I didn’t even think about taking photos. So much sand, it made you feel like you were on a highway in the middle of a yellow ocean.

Abu Dhabi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As the two hours passed, I could tell were getting close. The yellow ocean became green fields of dates. The excitement was building up. Couldn’t wait to see what adventures waited for me in Abu Dhabi. We eventually got to city and my wild experiences were just about to start.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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  1. I’m pleased to read about the description of my favourite city. May you have the bestest of timr in Abudhabi. Its a city full of love and serenity

  2. Abu Dhabi for me is beautiful than Dubai depends on your perspective but for the family, it’s the best coz of its many parks and near the mountain, desert, and beaches. Just try to look around and you will see the difference.

    1. Yeah! I saw videos and photos about the city after i left. I regert only coming here for the grand mosque. There is so much more to see in this city. Alot more beautiful than dubai

      1. If you have time care to check my older post about Abu Dhabi as I am a former expat living there for about 4yrs with the family before I left for NZ just last March this year. Though I warn you my camera that time is not flash.

  3. Went to Abu Dhabi for my birthday. The history of the mosque is quite inspirational as it was one mans vision. I have some beautiful pics of the mosque inside. Interesting trip.

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