Roma Di Nuovo

Rome, a city that I enjoy visiting. With it’s classic charm and the city’s effort to maintain that classic look. This Italian city really gives you the feeling of being back in time; when you exclude, the ruins.

A roman walkway photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Walking the streets, the mediterranean architecture is shown brightly with the vibrant colors. The sound of music is heard throughout the walkways. People enjoying their pasta and wine. It felt good to be back.

Roman colosseum photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The ruins remind you of the antiquity of the city. Hard to believe this place is over 2000 years old. The consistent reminder that Rome wants to remind you of it’s glory. Collections of Egyptian carvings occasionally placed in the middle of streets. Forcing you to think about the reach of the Roman Empire.

Spanish steps photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

People enjoying themselves, in daily activity. Almost forgetting the historic impact that this city has made. Italian music playing in the background, gives you the urge to sit down and eat. Tourists losted in the moment, Rome leaves a mark on you.

Trevi fountian photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

My revisit of rome was already looking bright. I can not wait to see how many attractions I overlooked on my first go. I’m sure, it will leave a lasting impression.

Safe travels everyone and much love!

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    1. Thank you so much! Im sure you will go lol don’t say like that. πŸ˜„ you find some really good deals from November to March. Saw some for 500 and even mid 400s a few times. You will enjoy

    1. Im sure you will one day! πŸ™‚ rome is amazing! Doesn’t look as pretty as the tv shows. Since the city wants to give a classic look. Which is what i love about the city. The touristic areas are more modern. 😁

  1. Great post! I absolutely love Rome, it is such a beautiful city and it has so much interesting bits of history hidden everywhere – or in plain sight! Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. I very much enjoyed my own trip to Rome, it was well over a decade ago, but looking at your pictures brought me right back. Thank you helping me revisit a wonderful memory!

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