A revisit of Florence

After going through a long drive, we made it to center of art. The city that put the Italian Renaissance on the map. I couldn’t wait to see what I have missed the first time.

Florence at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It was 9pm or 21:00 when we arrived. Most European cities have such a sophisticated glow during nighttime. I know I mentioned that before In another post. However, it’s something that constantly in your face. No big buildings with flashy lights gives an unforgettable charm. Unfortunately, we were all too tired to explore. We would have to wait until the morning.

Florence cathedral in the backgrounf photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As soon as the sun came out, we were out and about. Going through Florence felt interesting. Revisiting a place without having to worry about kids was amazing. Looking over kids in place like Florence is a hard task. Especially, if that kid’s family is conservative. With all the naked statues, a few awkward moments came up.

A home in Florence photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As we strolled along, I noticed this home. Almost felt jealous of the people that live here. I know Italy is not a perfect place; however, eating pasta on a daily basis with a side of wine is something of dreams. The more I thought about this house, the more I noticed it’s almost carved into the hill. Got hit back into reality, when my travel friends reminded me to keep walking. I have always been the type of person to get lost in my head. With that reminder, my adventures in Florence were just starting!

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