Exploring Madrid (Christmas Eve Edition)

It was Christmas Eve today, I had to explore before everything starts to close for the holiday. Walking around I was surprised to see how clean this city was. The locals were very friendly. Probably because of the jolly Christmas spirit lighted a fire in their smiles.

The bay faces of Madrid photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Madrid is a city full of diversity. Not just with immigrants from all over the world. The Spanish capital has someone from every corner of Spain. It’s so interesting seeing people speaking one of Spain’s many languages.

View from the train station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Kept exploring, until I ended up near a central train station. Apparently, the train station was closed due to Christmas. Wandering around, I was asked to take a photo of fellow tourists. They were from Mexico City. Spoke with them about the current affairs in Spain and Mexico. We had such an interesting conversation, they recommended me to go to Mexico City. They even offered to show me around. It’s so crazy, how one conversation can lead to a new contact. Not sure why random people have so much faith in me.

The beautiful building photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After meeting new friends, I started walking towards this beautiful looking building. As shown in the picture above, it looked like a church in Latin America. Seeing the Spanish architecture mixed with other European styles left me in awe.

Madrid’s Christmas tree photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Ended up going to Puerta del Sol. I was told to come here to see the Christmas tree by locals. They told me the tree is very beautiful at night. I couldn’t wait to see what the hype was about. This reminded me of my childhood going to Union square in San Francisco to see the Christmas tree.

Building with the west side story banner photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As the sun was setting, I readying myself for the night. Found a restaurant that sold chocolate dipped churros. I always thought this was a Mexican snack. However, the Spaniards claim they invited it. Either way, night was upon us. Let’s see what it had to offer. Who knew that night would be so beautiful.

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  1. Since chocolate is from Mexico, chocolate dipped churros came after contact.
    Cinnamon came to Spain around the same time, brought by the Portuguese.
    You were wise to be a gracious guest!

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