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Off to Shannon, Ireland!

Never been to Ireland nor had an interest in really going, besides seeing Dublin. However, when you see cheap tickets to Ireland it’s hard to say no. Only paid 250 for the roundtrip flight. After a crazy day, I was off to the land of the green leprechaun. It took about 5 and a half…

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Being reintroduced to Florence, Italy

There’s something special about revisiting a place. From landmarks you didn’t see to overlooking the small street corners, experiencing a destination should be done more than once. You get to appericate the location more. As my friends and I started walking/exploring, we eventually stumble across this river. Although I saw this river in my last…

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Last day in Assisi, Italy

I was soon to be saying goodbye to Assisi for a second time. With a lot of culture connections to this part of Italy, leaving it behind would be hard again. This is something that gets harder the more times you do. The clam and sophisticated atmosphere is hard to match. The european small town…

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