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Top 12 things to do in Waikiki

Hawaii is a lovely tropical state with some of the world’s nicest beaches. Located in the middle of the pacific ocean, Hawaii has a lot to offer. On the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii’s biggest island, lays the largest city in the state called Honolulu. In that city, there is a neighborhood called Waikiki. Walking by…

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Eating Mexican food in Ireland??

Ireland is know for it’s beer, bars, party and friendly people. Ireland is never associated with Mexico. Besides, the flags have a similar design minus the eagle and change the red with orange. Regardless, Mexican food in Ireland is not talked about. In the land of potatoes and beer, there is a Mexican gold mine…

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Happy New year everyone!!!

We want to give you a warm welcome to 2020! Truly hope that all your goals become a reality! Saw that some of you  have accomplished your goals and beyond! We are sending only positivity your way!  I have a lot of countries to go over with you all! Countries like China, Norway and Morocco. …

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How traveling saved my life

Been wanting to share this for a while now. I was just reluctant to expose myself to the world. Everything I’m about to express and share is true. I want you all to know that I’m not a trust fund baby that travels the world.  I’m really lucky to be where I’m at. A lot…

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Who are the Belizean people

As my time in Belize was coming to an end, I kept noticing the mixture this country has. I mentioned this before in another post. However, I never really went in depth. With a country with a little over 350,000, the people living within it’s borders are very mixed. The people are mixed with African,…

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Hey guys

Sorry, my post will be on this coming monday. In Cairo right now and the wifi at hotel is not good.  Love you all 😊

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Thank you and I’m back

Hello!! Just wanted to say thank you for reading my posts. I love you all.  We reached over a 1000 followers!!!  Just came back from Europe. Will return to the regular posting next week. Also, heading to Cairo during Eid. Can’t wait to share you all my experiences. You all will love it! Stay safe!!…

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