Eating Mexican food in Ireland??

Ireland is know for it’s beer, bars, party and friendly people. Ireland is never associated with Mexico. Besides, the flags have a similar design minus the eagle and change the red with orange. Regardless, Mexican food in Ireland is not talked about. In the land of potatoes and beer, there is a Mexican gold mine waiting to enrich your taste buds.

The Boojum Mexican restaurant photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

On my way of seeing Dublin, I noticed my stomach was rumbling. I was so focused on seeing the city that I missed eating a real meal. Kept looking around and I stumbled across this restaurant/bar. I was so surprised to see Mexican food in Ireland?!?! For some reason seeing a Mexican restaurant in Dublin never crossed my mind. That feeling of nostalgia started pouring. All my childhood memories of growing up in California, hanging out with my friends at the local taqueria. For those who don’t know, taqueria translate to taco shop from Spanish to English. In the USA, you get a more authentic taste if you go to one. It’s a lot better than taco-bell. Also, no ugly taco dog.

Inside boojum photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I when I went inside, I noticed the layout looks so similar to chipotle in the usa. You are greeted when it’s your turn in line to choose what you want in your burrito or salad. I chose to get the normal burrito. Meat enriched with all the Mexican flavors wrapped inside a tortilla. I sound so Californian now. Unfortunately, there were no vegan options. Although, they do only serve vegan food on world’s vegan day. Here is the link to this restaurant’s menu.

Where the people sit photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Ended up having a friendly talk with the staff. Learned that one of the workers was Mexican. Apparently, Dublin had a Latino community. They were mostly from Brazil and Mexico. Also learned that is this the Irish version of Chipotle from another staff worker. The american mega food chain has only been in Dublin for about 5 years. In my opinion, I always prefer local food stores than american. It doesn’t feel like I went anywhere, if I ate McDonald’s everywhere I go. It makes me feel like I’m helping out local businesses. No matter how small of a help I’m contributing.

My Burrito photo Courtesy of Hugo Morel

With my food at hand, found a place to sit down and eat. When I took the first bite, the taste was amazing! It had the Texmex flavor to it. As the flavors blasted my mouth I almost felt as, if I was eating at one of my cousins’ home in Houston. Yes, I got family members who are part Mexican. We used to stop by on holidays excited about the home cooking. Ironically, burritos aren’t really Mexican. They are Mexican American. Only burritos you will find in mexico are the small donkeys. Where exactly burritos were created in the USA is up to debate. I know the mission district in San Francisco claims to be the first. Also, San Diego and all the major cities in Texas have something to say as well. Regardless of exactly where in the usa this food was invented, it’s really good.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. I’m surprised that Ireland (heck, Europe overall) has good Mexican food. I always avoided trying them out, just because I was afraid of being disappointed. Good to hear you had a good experience, though!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I would have never expected this kind of experience there.

  3. I can assure you my first few trips to Ireland in the 90’s did not have good Mexican food at all! However, the last few trips have shown superb food all around including Mexican! Fun idea for a post. Cheers!

  4. It is true! When I decided to visit Ireland (first trip to Belfast) my Northern ireland friend told me so many times I had to try Boojum the best burrito i would ever try…he is such a fan he have t-shirts we won in contest of “eat this amount of burritos and you get a free shirt”

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