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Krakow, the untouched city

After spending time in krakow, the differences compared to Poland’s capital are highly noticeable. The city of Krakow, one of Poland’s older cities. Dating back to the 7th century, this city has always been a culture center for the country. Many of the city’s buildings, have been untouched nor modernised. Opposed to Warsaw, the city…

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The many sides to The Bronx

The Bronx, the borough and county known for the founding of hip-hop. This part of New York City has so much culture and is rich of diversity. So many subcultures are found here, it is truely ashame that this borough is usually over looked. The art scene in the Bronx is truly amazing. So much…

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In the city that doesn’t sleep

New York city, the city that doesn’t sleep. Full of villains and creeps. Home of musical legends and people from all over the world. NYC is one of America’s greatest cities. Usually, when people talk about New York City, it’s Manhattan. The next posts will be focussing on everything that is NYC. Which includes: Bronx,…

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