More countries are opening up!! The world is slowly going back to normal!

Great news to travelers and the world!! As the world is slowly going back to normal. More countries are opening up to Americans. This means Canada, the Uk, and the Eu are now having more countries accept their tourists as well. Although, I’m still a little salty about my trip to Finland being canceled(EU make Americans travel again!). ps,I’m not trying to get political here. I’m just poking fun at the real reason why the Europe union doesn’t want Americans in their borders. Hint: Cheetos

It’s has been hard for all of us this year. A lot of us have lost our jobs, love ones, and/or homes. These times have been hard to keep positive. Having what you love the most, taking away from you has felt like we lost the ability to move around with freedom. The fact that more countries are now allowing Americans to travel into their borders has brought light into a dark room. It shows we are heading in the right direction.

Make sure to keep a positive mindset in these times. Even though we are heading back to the norm. The virus is still out there. Remember to wash your hands and wear a face mask when you travel.

These are the countries allowing Americans: Albania, Aruba, Armenia, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Brazil, Cambodian, Croatia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, UAE, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, French Polynesia, Ghana, Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Maldives, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, South Korea, St. Barts, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Tanzania, Turks and Caicos, The UK, Mexico, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Zambia.

Keep in mind, most of the countries have restrictions. You need to show you have tested negative on covid.

That is a lot of countries compared to a few months ago when it was only 14 countries. I don’t recommend traveling internationally until they have a vaccine. One that works and doesn’t cause harmful side effects. I’m really happy the travel industry is on the revival. I haven’t set foot on a plane since I came back from Wuhan in December. Still hard to believe I was there during the time when outbreaks just started. What is crazier is that I have tested negative for the Antibodies. Meaning I never got the virus, truly lucky.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands! Much Love! Sorry for not posting last week. I needed the time to sleep and relax. I wasn’t trying to burn out. Thank you so much for your support!!

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  1. I traveled to Finland 6 weeks ago because I have family there, and I traveled next week after it was allowed for the families (and a week BEFORE they required strict quarantine for 2 weeks for all people coming from the red zone). So I can tell you WHY – they do not have covid, and life there is normal. Just normal. They set up this strict quarantine after their cases started to rise moderately. They have full contact tracing, and they know that all new cases came from abroad. Everybody would do the same on their place.

    1. I was joking about the chetto thing. I completely understand why they are not letting Americans into EU. The virus is not in control in some states. I believe the usa needs better contact tracing.

  2. Glad to hear more countries are opening up. Personally, due to my health issues, and my knowledge of what this “virus” actually is, I have never worn a mask and won’t. I wouldn’t get tested either as there are MANY false negatives and false positives, plus they are collecting DNA for their dark data bases and you are labeled if you show up positive, which often happens as they aren’t accurate. Even the manufacturers have admitted that. And no way, NO way would I ever get a vaccine. They will be loaded with dark stuff, more than just the regular vaccinations which I won’t get either, and again, you’ll be in their data base.

    Hoping we soon have a new timeline, exposing all the dark agendas involved with this Covid stream and freeing all life on this planet and the planet itself.

    Bill Gates has murdered many and injured many more than that with vaccines. This whole thing is a money maker for him and Dr. Fauci, who owns stock in these pharmaceutical labs making the vaccines. That is why it is all set up….to make money, control people, bankrupt people and carry out their dark agendas.

      1. Sorry you feel this is dangerous “misinformation”. It is NOT. I recommend you widen your research base and sources of information and not rely on Dr. Fauci and mainstream media. But…you are certainly welcome to your own opinion and the ongoing fear, panic and control in force right now. The truth is going to come out and I’ll be proven right. In the meantime, enjoy!

      2. I stopped getting news from the television two years ago and I am now much more fully informed. I pay for news from six sources with reliable investigative journalism from four different countries.

        If you stop getting your news from the television you will find a whole wide world of information and opinion out there, and you will be wiser for it.

        When you don’t pay for your information, you get exactly what you pay for. And, by the way, Fox IS mainstream media.

      3. @snowbird of paradise, with her it’s more of a spiritual thing than a political one. So, I understand where is coming from. I read her blog when I get the chance. Although, I don’t agree with not putting on a face mask because i’m not willing to take the risk. Her reasons for not putting it on are valid. I like looking at both sides of arguments. She is just stating her opion Versus telling others what to do. I agree with you and not getting information/news from one source. Everything tends to be overly biased now a days. I stop watching cables news for almost 8 years now. Been told i live in a cave or under a rock lol

      4. I don’t watch the news. I get my information from elsewhere. You’ve made assumptions about me without knowing anything about me. I won’t argue with you. Believe what you want. Just don’t attack people because they know a different truth than yours. And…soon the real truth will be revealed.

    1. Yeah, i heard about what bill gates has been doing in India. not sure if you ever heard of Dr. Sebi. He was able to cure many diseases and cancer naturally without chemicals or vaccines.

      1. I haven’t heard of Dr. Sebi, I’ll look him up. Many, MANY doctors cure without the use of chemicals and vaccines. In fact, many of the scientists who created vaccines in the first place have come out against them and talked of the toxic side effects and uselessness of them. In the US, as I’ve mentioned before, homeopathic medical colleges and hospitals and doctors were widely used. Then, chemicals became big and I think it was Dupont, a big owner in that business, ordered a slanted so called “scientific” study done, and just like many of the very slanted studies done, it praised the use of pharmaceuticals, slandered homeopathy. The AMA was created to support doctors using drugs, they kicked out all the homeopathic doctors, closed the medical schools, hospitals, etc. All to champion and sell drugs. Homeopathy is used successfully and widely around the world, even by the Queen. My homeopathic Dr. from India told me that in cases of accidents, in India, people come in for homeopathics before heading to the hospital. Germany is very much into holistic medicines and procedures and has many options not available in the US.

        And while it is true, that much of my information comes from Spiritual sources, I have been an activist since my teens, and have been trained and using holistic and spiritual healing in my career since 1978. I sought out alternative healing for myself starting in 1973 as doctors said I’d be dead by 30 as I grew up so ill, in and out of the AMA system. The AMA killed my 21 year old brother. I decided to save myself, and I just turned 69. I’ve never watched the news, and that includes Fox news. I’ve always turned to alternative news sources.

      2. Dr. Sebi you would like him. He cured so many people and they ended up killing him for it. He won I think it was a supreme court case against him using alternative medicine and being a “real” doctor. He was using herbs and natural ingredients to fight for diseases. Not make the body so acidic. He always mentioned that acidic foods are pushed to make people sicker.
        wow, I never heard about homeopathic medicine before. I really have to research it. Sorry about your brother. Never really trusted the medical system in the usa after hearing about them ejecting African Americans with STDs without their consent. Glad you were able to find a way to heal yourself ‘

      3. Actually I’m still a work in progress as the dark has been after me all my life and especially due to the work John and I are doing to shut them down. After the shift though I’ll be able to be completely healed.

      4. I forgot to add that many holistic doctors have been killed in the last several years, attempting to stage them as suicides but they weren’t.

        I travel with a homeopathic first aid kit and my son took one to college.

  3. I am an American citizen, and I’m really surprised that so many countries are opening up to allowing us travel again; the last time I heard, the count was less than 14. While a part of me is really excited, another part is cautious, as the US has by no means contained COVID-19 cases and the numbers continue to increase every day. I’d love to travel internationally again, but this news makes me hesitate; if anything, I’ll wait until late next year to see if the situation improves, but until then, I’ll be staying home.

    1. same here. I have mix feelings about this. I have seen the protocols some of the countries allowing Americans are doing and it’s not something I feel too comfortable about. It’s at random, that you show your test results. Me personally, I’m not traveling until there is a vaccine!

  4. Wow! We’re slowly getting back to the “old normal” and I’m glad countries are opening up. So you were in Wuhan? I’m super happy that you didn’t contact the virus because oh my, the videos on social media at the time were scary as hell.


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