Relaxing and reflecting by the Victoria Memorial

After the disappointment at the Buckingham palace, I decided to walk towards this beautiful statute. It had a fountain in the front that I had to go see. At that time, I was unaware that it was called the “Victoria Memorial.” However, what I did knew that it had some importance. I mean it’s in front of the palace, it has to be important for the Queen wants to see when she looks out of her window.

Victoria Memorial photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The closer I got to the statue, the more groups of sitting tourists appeared. Everybody was taking selfies with their long selfie sticks. Luckily, this was not near a cliff or some high edge. The tourists were more worried about the angle of their photo than their footing. Saw a few people trip and almost fall.  Selfies are probably the number one leading cause of tourist injuries.

A closer look of the Victoria Memorial photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went down the stairs towards the fountain. I wanted to take another photo of this statue. Saw more tourists doing potentially dangerous stunts. I can’t believe they are doing this for a photo that they can post on social media. The length people go just to show off on social media. It’s never a dull moment.

The fountain by the Victoria Memorial photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got to the fountain, started taking in the moment. Hard to believe I was in London. After traveling so much, you tend to get lost in the moment and not have enough time to reflect. This was a perfect stage to relax and really take in the experience of being in the capital of the British Empire.

A duck swimming in the fountain photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Looking at the fountain water, reminded me of my time in Argentia. I felt happiness again. The disappointment of not seeing the changing of guards left. There was no emotional war going on inside now. The only emotion I felt was peace and joy. This trip has reminded me just how important is water. Just staring at bodies of water can be so relaxing.

A closer look of the duck swimming photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Maybe because my family comes from a Caribbean island, water has always been majestic to me. Something that creates life and can take it away at the same time. Water being a substance that is not alive, can have emotions. When in anger, water creates storms and tidal waves. In times of peace, it can heal. There is a lot of different ways water is used in physical and mental therapy.  Almost like there is a higher form of intelligence behind it. Glad, I got to reflect by the memorial dedicated to Queen Victoria.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Interesting post. Enjoyed reading your posts. And you’re right I don’t know why tourist go to such extreme to click photos only to post them on their social media. I have seen people falling down while taking pictures and I don’t get it seriously. Anyway nice post again..

    1. thank you so much!! yeah, it was like the pokemon go game. People risk their lives for worthless things. I don’t it’s weird. I have seen youtube videos of people climbing up buildings to take a selfie. it’s probably the leading cause of death to teenagers

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