Freezing in Stockholm, Sweden

Yeah, for some reason this winter I went to some really cold countries. There was a reason why the tickets were so cheap. It must had been the weather. Still, I won’t let it ruin my time. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. It was only 340 from NYC, so you know there had to be a catch.

A street outside of my hostel photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got to Stockholm, I was surprised that it wasn’t as cold as I expected. It felt like winter in New York City with more snow. At the beginning that’s what I thought the cold here was. Also, I was surprised to the diversity I kept seeing. It really felt like I was in Queens with all the cultures I saw. For those who don’t know, Queens in New York City has a community for almost ethnic group in the world.

A square in downtown Stockholm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It was mid-January when I was in the capital of Sweden. So there were leftover Christmas decorations. Still in shock about the diversity here. Saw Ethiopian and Iranian restaurants thinking I was in Manhattan. It’s funny how we Americans don’t realize how multicultural European cities are. In the main Nordic countries, excluding Finland, they are sometimes even more welcoming to immigrants than the usa claims it is.

A protest in stocholm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel
Another view of the protest photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I kept exploring and somehow I ended up in a protest. I have no idea how I keep getting myself into these situations. Not trying to get caught up into what was going on, I left that area in a hurry like a kid running away from getting a vaccine. Im not trying to spending time in a Swedish jail. If I knew the local language and what the protest was about I would had stayed. However, it’s like playing russian roulette.

A Swedish bus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The more I walked around, the more I felt the cold. Yeah, this wasn’t like NYC. The cold up here sneaks up on you. I started to feel like I was an ice cube. It’s crazy how people here are so used to the cold.

Another public bus in stockholm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After exploring for a few hours, I had to head back into my hostel. It was way too cold for me to just walk randomly around. Still my first impressions of this swedish capital were good. Couldn’t wait to see what more this city had to offer!

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Having lived in rainy Ireland for nearly two decades we always end up going somewhere warm. Growing up in Latvia with a typical winter temperatures at – 35’C wasn’t fun and it’s one of the reasons why I can’t just force myself to go anywhere where is cold brrrr 😂 I’m glad you had a great time exploring Stockholm, it’s such a beautiful city

    1. latvia sound super cold lol haha you know i’m the opposite. I grew up in California for where the average temper is about 70 degrees 21.1111 C year around. so I want to go to cold place but tend to avoid hot places during the summer. Hope to visit lativa one day!

  2. Seems like a nice city to visit despite the cold! I guess the cold is another Swedish experience you got to experience!

      1. you will love it over there! i promise but go during the summer or spring. winter is no fun to explore unless you want to do a ski or artic adventure

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