Value those who helped you

In these hard times, You have to reflect on the people that helped out on the road we call life. We all have been through some very tough situations. Unless, you are extremely lucky. We should all know those times when you needed help. Whether, it was early on in life, later or somewhere in the middle.

climbing helping  team work , success concept
climbing helping team work , success concept

There were times, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was sad and depressed about the future. Goals seemed like unrealistic dreams. I was very fortunate to have met some amazing people that helped me when I was down. I value them dearly, even if we don’t talk or aren’t on good terms. They will always hold a warm place in my memories. Those people saw me for me. A human who wanted to do something positive in live. They gave me a helping hand when I was hopeless and taught me skills that I would use for a life time.

During this outbreak, I lost a few of those people. Some I spoke to the other day, others a few years ago. Regardless of how close we were or how far apart we grew, that kindness is still there. That act of giving hope to humanity is still there.

In memory of Wend HU, my travels wouldn’t had been possible without the skills you taught me

You don’t really know how much someone does for you, until they are gone. I was a 22 year old straight out of college learning about zoning laws, liquor licenses and advertisements. Learned so many skills that I use on a daily basis. Thank you so much Wendy for everything you done. It was always with a smile on your face. Rip Wendy Hu, you will be missed!

Please everyone, stay safe. The hospitals are filled with sick people. Value those that helped and care about you. Remember to wash your hands with tons of soap!

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