Hello…. Morocco you are kind of French

Morocco, a country I always wanted to visit. A place with lots of history and culture. I couldn’t wait to explore this French and Arabic speaking country. I heard there were parts of Morocco that had tons of green grass. I wanted to see that in person. I’m sure like most people, when they think about North Africa sand, and endless deserts comes to mind.

Marrakesh airport photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I arrived at the Marrakesh airport. I was somewhat in a hurry because my accommodation was in Casablanca. Didn’t really get to explore Marrakesh like most tourists. Plus, I wanted to go across country in a short time. Only had a few days,  no time to explore like usual. Which means, I will most likely visit morocco again!

Outside of the Marrakesh train station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I just wandered around the city’s train station. Just from going around, you noticed the difference between Egypt and Morocco. Egypt felt like an African country mixed with the Middle East. Morocco is very different. In Egypt, the Arab culture is a lot more integrated in the culture and buildings. People were more conservative.  However, Morocco is different.  There were a lot of women without hijabs here. In Egypt, they had this too. But, in Egypt those without hijabs were mainly Christians or women from a high class family.

Sitting at the table waiting for my ice cream photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Morocco felt more like I was in a tropical part of Paris. Maybe it was the French street signs that threw me off. You can even see the roads having a European look. It’s a reminder that Morocco was once a French colony. Egypt was not like this. The roads in Egypt, were more middle eastern looking. Although Morocco is a Muslim majority country, it’s very liberal compared to most countries in the Arab world. Also, there is a movement going on in North Africa to get rid of being called Arab. Some even letting go of the Muslim faith. Morocco is actually at the center of that movement.  However, that’s a story for another post.

classic Marrakesh art photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Found an awesome restaurant to eat chocolate ice cream. From what the waiter told me, the chocolate was French style. The dessert had such an interesting taste. It wasn’t overly sugared like American or Swizz chocolate. You can taste the cocoa more than the sugar. Never had chocolate like this. It remind me of Mexican hot chocolate without the spicy kick. Next time when I’m in France, I will make sure to snack on their chocolate.

My chocolate ice cream photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After eating, I head back into the train station. Going to get on my train with any problems or issues. Of course, Murphy’s law had played into this. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Let’s just say, nothing went my way. Yet, I still had a great time. My time in Morocco was exciting and a wake up call to be more prepared for the unexpected. Regardless, I still love this country. I truly suggest you all to visit. It will change your mind about North Africa.

Much love and safe travels! Please keep clean everyone!! Wash your hands!!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, would like to visit Morocco and your writing makes it more inviting. I live in Egypt all Christian women do not wear hijab only Muslim women

  2. I went to Morocco some years ago because I wanted to speak/learn more French…I didn’t really get to speak much French but enjoyed reading the road signs!

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