Visting A Buddhist Temple For The First Time

It was my first day in Thailand and I had to see a Buddhist Temple. I couldn’t wait to rest up. My main reason for coming to Thailand was to experience the Buddhist culture. There was no time for no sleep. I was in a city of 33,902 active temples.

I asked around and there was a temple nearby to where I was staying. Well, not too close but like 5 stops aways. My imagination was running wild. I kept thinking about the monks in the mountains training martial arts. Of course, I was wrong about that.

After about 30 mins, I found the temple. Constantly reminded of Thailand’s sun. It was about a 15-minute walk from the train station. With the sun, it felt like it was twice as long. It was snowing back home in New York. The change of weather can affect you in mysterious ways.

You are greeted with a Buddhist Statue. I had my video camera out. An employee of the temple told me to turn off my camera. However, he did explain to me about Thailand and it’s culture. I learned that Thailand was never colonized by Europe like all its neighbors. So, a lot of the Buddhist temples here have no European influences.

The further I went inside, the more colors I saw. The 20 foot Buddhist Statue stood tall. You can tell that the locals here really care about their religion. The Statues are well kept and you see tons of donations. Sadly, I didn’t see anybody praying. It seems like this temple was more of a tourist attraction. Tried to remember and find the name of this temple. However, after looking at about 100 temples none look like this one. I truly wished I could remember the name of this temple. Since it was the first one I have been to. Thai words are difficult to remember for me.

There was a back entrance to the temple. I walked towards it to find another big statue. Looks like Buddhism and the Buddhist culture really like images of buddha. Every different compared to Islam. I noticed that all the statues in the temple were made of out gold. Made me wonder if gold is considered holy in Buddhism. Thailand has been good so far. Couldn’t wait to visit more temples and the country.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe and travel safe everyone! Much love!

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