Above the Arctic circle in Tromso, Norway

So, I decided to push the envelope even more. Flew to Tromso from Oslo. It was about a two-hour flight. It costs about 90 dollars round trip at the time. Might be more expensive in the coming years.  Luckily, there wasn’t any major snowstorm that day.  Luck was on my side to visit this part of Norway.


A picture of where Tromso is from Oslo

Yeah, I was far above the arctic circle. All my family in the Usa thought I was crazy. However, I didn’t care. A small part of me,  I wanted to visit Santa. However, I was here for my goal. To see the northern lights and to experience as far north as I could during the winter. Also, to have something to brag about with friends.

A lone Sami home

It was very cold up here. When It wasn’t snowing, the wind will hit in you in your face. The like a slap from a sheet of Ice, the wind was painful. Similar to ice needles stinging your skin.  I had to put my extra scarf over my face. The air felt a little hard to breathe. I eventually got used to it.  There were parts where the snow was thick enough to sink my boots. You had to be careful when walking here or risk breaking your ankles.

tromso-eidted .jpg
The Sami people’s home

The way the homes are built up here is so beautiful. They reminded me of the Native homes in Greenland and Canada. Although not related to the Inuits of Canada and Greenland, the Sami people are the natives of this part of Norway. They dress similarly have similar looking homes. However, the Inuits came to Greenland and Canada via Serbia.

The northern lights

After walking around for a little bit, it became dark quickly. It was about 1pm and the sky looked like it was midnight. After about 30 minutes, I saw what I came here for. The Northern Lights! I have seen it a few times before. In Iceland and Canada; however, never this strong. Anybody could take a photo of it with the right settings on your camera. My face was stiff but a big smile from ear to ear was on it. My goal was accomplished.

My flight was at 9am the next morning. I tried looking for a hotel but everything was booked out when I was looking. Decided to book a room at an Ice hotel. Inside the hotel was a work of art. It’s crazy to think they have to rebuild this every year. I wouldn’t recommend walking around the room without a coat. It is warm but not warm enough to walk around with a t-shirt. The chairs and beds were carved out of ice. Ir’s crazy to think the hard work that went into this.  It was time to sleep and my last day in Noway was just about to start. I couldn’t wait to see what it had in store.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. We are considering to go to Tromso this year. You experience look wonderful and it actually motivates me to take this leap 😍 Happy and safe travels 🗺️

  2. Looks like a great place to visit. How did it feel to sleep on the ice bed? I’m such a wimp regarding beds that I travel with foam, when I have a car, or look for places that have pillow top beds, although even some of those are too hard for me.

    1. the bed was a little rough. it was like sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag. some hotels and rooms have better beds. haha, I used to do that with pillows, I can’t sleep with the fluffy ones.

  3. Wow, the Northern Lights look stunning! Were they really that vivid, or did you capture it with a high-quality camera/edited afterwards? It’s my dream to see them, no matter where in the world, and it’s great you got to see them!

    1. Yes, I did for this trip. I had to edit the lighting because it was really dark. It could still take photos with an iPhone or android. The lights were strong enough and there are decent apps. You should see them in Canada. Not sure if Europe will open up for us soon. I think even in Alaska you can see them. I hope to see the southern lights one day!

  4. Woooow, it looks gorgeous! The whole experience must have been amazing! 😍 Seeing the northern lights is one of the things I absolutely want to do in my life, and going so far up north in the winter, having such a great experience seems like the perfect way to do it! Thanks a lot for sharing it! 😍

  5. OMG!! It’s beautiful already and the pictures you took is just wow. specially the underwater…
    never went to Norway yet, and the pictures are already speaking the heart to go and see the beauty..

      1. Hot chocolate is a perennial savior! I come from a place where the maximum temperature goes to 48 degrees C & minimum to 5 degrees. Anything out of this range is uncomfortable. LOL! But, on a serious note, yes, Northern Lights will definitely happen for me.

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