An unexpected night time stroll in Oslo Norway

Imagine you take a nap in the morning, wake up and the sunlight is gone. Now just picture that while you are on vacation. Yeah, that’s just happened to me. Decided to explore more of Oslo. Wintertime in Norway makes everything go dark quick. It was only 3 pm their time and the sun was already gone. It felt and looked like midnight!

The square with a darker view photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Olso is very beautiful even at night time. The lights and the architecture made me feel like I was in some type of modern Dracula movie. Regardless, it felt great to explore this place.  The snow was thick on the ground. It could cover about a third of my boot when walking. The churchy sound of stepping on snow became the norm.  I was definitely not in the tropics.


I stumbled upon this church. I saw a nice looking building and I followed it. Which lead me to this church. It looks old fashion and medieval. The snow was super thick near the church. It seemed like a snowstorm just passed through. You can hear the clock clicking from the church’s tower. Mixed with the sound of people walking nearby, it reminded me of Christmas for some reason. I’m sure It had to do with being so close to the north pole. Where are you, Rudolph?

The square-looking alive photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I eventually got to a square. It wasn’t until I looked at it closely. That I noticed, I walked in a complete circle. I kept taking turns which eventually lead me to the same square. It looks a lot more alive now.  I couldn’t picture myself living here though. It was around 4pm and people were acting like it was midnight on a weekday. It was like they knew something I didn’t know about Norway in the wintertime at night.

The street that reminded me of Miami photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The more I walked, the more some of the buildings reminded me of Miami. The way some of the buildings were colored had similarities to the ones in Miami. Of course, minus the heat. However, during summertime, I’m sure this part of Oslo would be an awesome place to eat outside. Also, sit and read a book in the sun.


Following the signs, I found the royal palace. There were a few people with me. I found out he is a YouTuber. Didn’t want to bug him more because he was filming. The snow was thick here. It covered half of my boots. The moment I got to the top, you can see the city and its beauty. That’s when it hit me, I was far away from home. Hard to believe how far away I was. This was just my first day here, I couldn’t wait to see what Norway had in store me.


Just have to say thanks to ericotrips. He has been supporting this blog for a while now. He is a Nigerian travel blogger. I don’t normally do this but I will support ericotrips. If you want to see more of Nigeria and learn about the current event of that beautiful country check out his blog. Ps. Nigeria is my second favorite country in Africa after Equatorial Guinea. West  Africa is very beautiful and I hope to visit one day!

Here is his link:

1. What does your name mean?

Not sure if you mean blog name or my real name. So, the blog name means my passport has been overused. Well, my last passport. My new one only has a few countries because of covid 19. My real name is Hugo. Which means smart in the mind, body, and soul. Kind of working all three right now because travel has been taken away from me.

2. What were your favorite things around you while growing up?

My favorite things around me when I was growing out was probably my bike. I used to ride my bike all over. I felt so good to learn how to ride my bike. Learned it by myself from falling off it. My parents would not let me ride it without training wheels. I used to take them off and put them back.

3. Describe your idea of a perfect day.

It will be on an airplane on the way to a new country. *sigh* I miss traveling as you can see.

4. Would you ever consider living abroad?

I did think of it many times. I lived abroad as a kid. When I was young I lived in Costa Rica with grandpa. I’m not Costa Rican but my grandpa moved there to get away from the USA. Kind of runs in the family as you can see lol

5. If there were no laws or rules in this world to influence your behavior, what do you think your behavior would look like?

I will be way wilder. I probably wouldn’t have businesses because everybody would be stealing from stores. I would probably be on the road full times.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. I have always wanted to travel to Norway! This post made me want to go there even more now. I hope you have an amazing day!

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