Wandering through Hyde Park

My first stop after visiting the palace was going to Hyde Park. I have been told by friends and family to make sure to visit this place. Luckily, it was about a ten-minute ride on the underground from where I was staying. So afterward, I can have a friendly chat with the Air BnB host for a little bit. I took the train and got out of the nearest station to the park.

entrance to hyde park photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Hyde Park’s entrance was interesting. It reminded me of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Just with an artistic image of a unicorn and a lion. I have no idea what they are supposed to mean. It just looks different than all the parks I have been too. So, I had to appreciate the uniqueness. I mean just look at it. It’s as if, the unicorn and the lion are dancing.

A path leading outside of the park photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once inside, I was shocked at how similar it was to Central Park in Manhattan. A big park in the middle of the city. It almost makes you forget you are in one of the world’s biggest metropolis.  I started walking around, I kept looking at how people were interacting. Everybody was relaxed and enjoying their time. It felt like Central Park without all the stress. Also, without the horse droppings. No need to watch your step here. The locals at this park look like they were genuinely enjoying their time.

the entrance to the garden photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I stumbled across a little garden near the entrance. I went inside to have a look. I took out my camera to take photos for you all. To my annoyance, the moment I was seen with my camera was the moment I became a photographer for random strangers. They asked me to take pictures of them with their phones. Me being the nice guy I was raised to be, I couldn’t reject the requests. I ended taking pictures for two different couples in that part of the park. I just couldn’t say no at the moment. They asked so nicely.  Of course, none of it was with my camera. I charge for that. I’m not that nice.

The beautiful purple flowers photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After about 10 mins, I got back to my mission of taking photos for you all. The beauty of the flowers really made me appreciate nature. Sometimes you tend to forget, how prefect nature can at times. Even though I was alone, my smile and face exhaling any negativity. Parks just have this effect on you. It’s almost like time slows down and you are able to enjoy being in the moment to the fullest.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. That was weird….I commented on this post when you first posted it and then nothing happened and I tried to access it again and it was gone?!

    Looks like a sweet park! Those look like Iris flowers. I always look for parks and nature settings when I travel. Other than great architecture, nature is what draws me.

    I chuckled at your comment about people asking you to take photos of them. When I see people taking pictures of each other but obviously wanting to be in the picture, too, I stop and ask if they’d like me to take the photo for them. I guess it is the difference between me being an extrovert and you being an introvert 🙂

    1. idk what happened wordpress messed up the link. i had to restore the post. it was the first this happened to me.
      never much was a like a flower person but, I really enjoyed the colors. Iris is a beautiful name for flowers. Yes, I noticed that about you! Your posts are usually in nature and noticing what sticks out when you take pictures. it just feels more relaxing when in nature!
      haha yes, I’m an introvert at heart. Although, I can be very extrovert when needed. Love to get lost inside when traveling. it’s such a great way to reflect.

      1. glad you did 🙂 ps just stopped by your blog. you seem like a very cool person. love the tats btw. the go one has a lot of meaning to it. been thinking about get a few but i hate needles lol I can swim with sharks but I can’t mess with needles

      2. Thank you! That’s awesome that you can swing with sharks because I’d be terrified. Smaller ones like the ones I showed aren’t that bad. I love tattoos, so if anyone says they think they want one I’ll always support ya!

  2. Lovely! I lived in London for 7 years and Hyde Park was one of my favourite places. Thank you for bringing back fond memories!

  3. I miss Hyde Park too, and I live in London! I haven’t seen the centre of the city since March, it feels like an eternity. Can’t wait to be able to go to those beautiful central London parks again.

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