Exploring downtown limerick , Ireland at Night

After eating that awesome Indian food, I had more of limerick to explore. To my surprise, limerick closes really early. It was only 10 pm and everything was nearly closed. Yeah, that entitled new yorker in me was annoyed at this.

Being the only one on the street photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Sometimes people have midnight cravings. Yeah, it’s kind of a new york or big city thing. It felt like a ghost town. The moment was a little creepy. Gotten used to having people out and about after 1am. So, it was almost like the locals know something that I don’t know.

The Treaty Stone photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I randomly found this Memorial. I learned about it from my airbnb host. This stone is very important to the city’s history. It is said to be used in the signing of forming limerick. It ended the williamite war which was a war related to the independence of the republic of Ireland. Another awesome moment of experiencing history.

The streets looked really empty. It’s clear this place is not for the younger crowd. This is more to raise a family. I like the quiet and calm amtoshpere. Being in new york city, time moves too fast. You don’t really get to appericate the moment. Here 30 mins felt like 3 hours. It was defintely a great dose of fresh air. Sadly, I was just reminded I had to go back and I forgot the way. Took my phone out to find there was only 3 percent of battery left. Checked to see the address of host’s home and the phone died before i could write it down. With my bad memory, the address was gone. I had to find a way out of this mess soon.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

Sorry for posting on Thursday. Had a wild day yesterday.

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  1. I got so annoyed at how early everything closed when I visited Galway and Dublin!! Lovely cities, nonetheless, just wish shops were open much later.

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