My short time in Casablanca, Morocco

Once we arrived to Casablanca, my new friend show me where to buy the high-speed tickets. Knowing this helped me save 3 hours on my next trip. Which would had been 6 hours. Half the time saved meant more to spend in my next location.

A view of casablanca photo courtesy of hugo morel

The next morning, I woke up cold. It was winter time here. Casablanca is a lot colder than Marrakech. It actually felt like December up here. Had to wear all my winter clothes like I never left New York City. Hard to believe because most of my first impressions of North Africa was the heat. However, it was almost freezing.

Left the room I rented on air bnb to head towards the Casablanca’s train station. I wanted to see a little bit of this city. I was going to head up north soon. There wasn’t much time for me to explore the business capital of Morocco.

A view Casa Voyageurs photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Started wandering around the Casa Voyageurs train station. I was slowly noticing a lot of American businesses like Starbucks around. It’s crazy to think the center of hipsterville (starbucks) was in Morocco. Yes, this is definitely not the Africa the media likes to portrays. Even saw hipster Moroccans, which is something that I’m still trying to process.

Another view of Casa Voyageurs photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Casablanca felt like a normal European city; yet, mixed with it’s own culture. The time I spent in the taxi to get to Casa Voyageurs, I saw how differnt Casablanca was to Marrakech. For those who don’t know, Casa Voyageurs is Casablanca’s main train station.  Marrakech actually felt and looked like a tropical french metropolitan built similar to Paris. However, Casablanca was like I was really in Paris at times. In parts, you didn’t feel like you were in Africa. It just felt so European. I literally thought the eiffel tower was just around the corner. To my dislike, my time here was ending and it was time for me to leave. This is a place, I have to visit again and explore.  However, I was going further north, closer to spain. Let’s see what more Morocco had to offer.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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  1. Nice views of Casablanca. My only impression of this city is from the movie of the same name that was released in 1943 and Rick’s Cafe Americain. >grin< Thanks for putting the city in a more modern context.

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