A public health announcement

As we get further into this lockdown, many people are getting restless and want to go out. So much that they are doing protesting marches in michagan. There has been restrictions lifts in Jacksonville, Florida. The state of florida reopens beaches during the time covid-19 cases have been rising in the state. I dislike like politics and I prefer not to speak it. However, I have to mention this.



If your local government lifts the lockdown, please watch your hands when outside and inside. Try to wear a mask and gloves. Although the virus might not cause you much harm, it could cause your love ones their lives. Whether directly or indirectly, it could cause harm. I’m writing this because I have seen a few people close to me die. I didn’t think this virus much was stronger than a flu. After speaking to people who had it, I can confirm it’s stronger than the flu. I’m lucky, that I was never infected. Please everybody, once the restrictions are lifted near you. Remember to wash your hands, wear gloves and/or a mask until we have a vaccine.


I understand, I’m not a doctor nor am I part of the world health organization and the world needs to start up again. I’m just a person who cares and don’t want others to experience what my family did.


Stay safe everybody and keep healthy! Much love and safe travels!

We will get back to normal posting next week!

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  1. Thank you! I’m so paranoid that I’m overly careful but I would rather be that. Stay safe and I’m sorry for your loss.

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