Meeting a dog named Hugo and exploring limerick Ireland

So the weirdest thing happened. I went to limerick and got to my Airbnb. The host of property had a dog named Hugo. It was so strange but cool at the same time.

The dog named Hugo photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The dog was obedient and adorable. I truly love animals. This dog just made me want to hug it. Never met a dog with the same name as me. Let alone, the place I was staying the night. It was pretty cool. In a funny weird way. Sadly, I was only here for a night. Didn’t have much time to hang out with this lovely dog.

The dog smiling photo courtesy of Hugo morel

Got dressed and ready to explore this beautiful Irish city. Started walking around and of course, I got lost. Limerick looks like a suburban area. A lot of the homes and streets look the same. Eventually after asking a few locals, I found a way out of the maze.

Irish Castle photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Saw this beatiful Castle. Unfortunately, it was closed. I kept thinking about my first time coming to this city. It looks very different at night. The sun was setting and everything had a more classic charm. That old world look you see in movies.

The lake photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking and I saw this lake. It truly took my breath away. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looks. The water almost matched the sky with the lights reflecting on it. My time exploring this place was just starting!

Much love and safe travels! Please keep clean everyone!! Wash your hands!!

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  1. I once met a dog they called Hugo,
    Who rather than jump said “no, you go”.
    The lake looked inviting,
    With peaceful night lighting
    So I jumped in and quickly turned blue though.

    Sorry. It was Limerick after all.

    Nice post!

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