Experiencing the Dublin nightlife

As time went by, nightfall occurred. The Dublin nightlife is world famous. I was so excited to be able to experience it in person. I went to temple bar because that is the place where to stay in Dublin. Temple Bar has everything and it’s really like the party area of Dublin. There always something going on in Temple Bar. Usually, this is the place people talk about when they say the Irish know how to party. While staying in Dublin, make sure to get a hotel or an apartment near this area. There are a lot of hotels near temple bar Dublin. You will not regret it!!

Main road in temple bar at night Photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Started walking around further into the temple bar district. I was expecting louder music; however, this was a Sunday night. Most people where probably getting ready for work the next day. It was still lively though! There were a lot college students and people of all ages. Since the drinking age in Dublin Ireland is 18. Some of the best clubs in Dublin are here. With the clubs and bars not closing until 2 am, there is plenty of time to party. Of course, I didn’t do any of this. My party days are over. Call me boring, I think partying until I drop is unhealthy.  Ever dropped and fell on your face, it’s a not fun  experience.

Temple bar trading company photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Walked by several gay clubs and bars. After traveling to so many places, I tend to forget how open-minded Europe can be.  I can imagine how hard it is to be gay in the middle east. The fear they must face everyday. Never really notice gay clubs and bars on my travels because that is not my scene.  What stood out to me was seeing middle-eastern men holding hands and kissing each other so openly. Somewhat blew my mind. I have traveled to several Muslim countries, seeing what I just saw in Dublin would not be okay in Oman or Yemen. I was happy for them, I’m sure they must had faced a lot of hardships. I’m a straight man, there is not a lot of things I have to worry about when I travel. Expect racism but, majority of the locals only see me as the color of money. Compared to gay travelers, I have it easy.  Going with the theme of this city, I’m sure all the best gay clubs and bars in Dublin are in the temple bar neighborhood. So if you are into that, you will find a lot of options here.

Dublin is so beautiful at night! Walking around without a purpose, you will find something to do. The small alleyways have restaurants or ice cream shops that might be overlooked. Temple bar at night is very safe. I never once felt at risk. Truly suggest you all to come here when you get the chance. It is worth the flight. The people at night even have smile on their faces. Very different compared to American cites!

Drinking a few glasses photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Found a bar with not a lot of people in it. Sat down and had a few drinks to myself. I love taking in and people watch. Everybody was just happy to be around others. No traditional Irish music here. This bar wasn’t made for tourists. It was made for the locals. There were no fights, no one wanting to be that person who got kicked out.  Everybody was just enjoying themselves. No Irish stereotypes allowed. The atmosphere here was to release stress and have fun with friends. The night to me, couldn’t end any better. Got back and slept like a baby!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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  1. Great review. Dublin is one of my favorite cities in the world. I always check out the Guinness storehouse, St Patrick’s cathedral, and my personal favorite, the Long Room and the Book of Kelly at Trinity College, when I visit. So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Great post, I stayed in Dublin for 4mo and couldn’t agree more, everyone is themselves, happy and always drunk lol. But yes temple bar has A LOT of drunk college kids, I prefered O’Connel street more for the local experience 😉

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