Visiting St. Patrick’s cathedral in Dublin and learning about the Saint

“Yes, this is that St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” said the security guard. I must had sounded so out of place when I asked, “If this is the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral or is this a replica?” Well, I’m sure you all know that this is the world famous cathedral. When I was in Dublin, I thought this was just another church named after the saint. Kind of like the one in Midtown Manhattan. Funny fact, my friend was having an event at that the Manhattan St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the middle of summer once. It was about 94 degrees outside (34 Celsius), I just came back from a trip to Argentina. When I had my bags checked, the security guard saw my winter coat. He asked me,”Are you coming from the North Pole or are you one of those New York weirdos?” Two times when I seemed out of place, both ironically in the Cathedral named after the same guy.

In St Patrick’s cathedral photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

There is an entrance fee to get inside this church, I think it was about 10 usa dollars. The fee is used to maintain the place. It’s good to know that my money is going to good use. Once inside, you are engulfed by all the patterns on the floor and the colors of the windows. One thing about catholic churches, they are usually very beautiful. I was speechless at how much effort was put into building this visually appealing place.

Where mass is held at the cathedral photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The atmosphere just felt peaceful. Everybody was having a good time. It is somewhat easy to just spend hours in this place and lose track of time. With every turn, lays another beautifully painted glass window or arches that together look like a masterpiece. I had giant smile on my face.

Every Glass window tells a different biblical story. Growing up catholic, you tend to take these things for granted. Been to Buddhist temples, mosques and Hindu temples. They all have their own standard/style of beauty. With mosques, the Persian and Berber/Moorish styles tend to have the most breathtaking patterns. Buddhist temples tend to have beautiful statues with incredible architecture. The Hindu temples are so colorful and otherworldly charming. However, none pull my heartstrings like the catholic churches. There is just so brings so much nostalgia. The way the windows are painted just remind me of my childhood. Even though, I was asleep most of time during Sunday mass as a kid. I was the kid that kept getting pinched at church for sleeping. Regardless of how I feel, you really have to appreciate how humanity shows their love towards their religion through art and architecture.

British flags in the cathedral to remind the world where St Patrick was born photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

So some of you are wondering, “Who was St Patrick?” “What was St Patrick known for?” “Where was St Patrick born?” “Was Saint Patrick real?” His story is very interesting. Where St. Patrick was actually born was somewhere in Roman Britain. Scholars are not too sure of exactly where. He was one day captured by Irish pirates. Forced into slavery and became a shepherd. During his years as a slave, the saint became a christian. He eventually heard a voice in his head saying he should run away. He followed that voice and escaped from his master. The saint eventually returned to his family. After some time, he saw a vision and went back to Ireland to spread Christianity. Which he eventually converted many Irish to believe in his faith.  He later became a priest that lead the Christian community in Ireland. How did St Patrick died is actually something we all have to think twice about in our lives. He died of working too hard. He lived 40 years in poverty teaching and traveling to spread Christianity. The day Patrick died is actually when is St Patrick’s day is marked on everybody’s calendar. March 17 is when St Patrick passed away. Crazy thing is on St Patrick’s day 2019, I had no idea I would end up in Ireland several months later. You never truly know, what the future has in store for you.

Another beautiful painted glass window photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The further you go into the cathedral, the more it leaves you in awe. This truly charming cathedral with it’s classy arches and wonderful atmosphere. It is very hard to put in words how I really felt about this place. The St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin makes all the other replicas look like horrible imitations. Nothing beats the original. Something about the one in Dublin, really captures that special feeling. It’s as if, Ireland the country put it’s heart into creating this masterpiece. Knowing that this is the place where the saint became famous and did his work. That is something that the imitators can never copy. I truly suggest coming here on your trip to Dublin. I promise you will leave with a smile on your face and another level of respect for Mr. St Patty. He much more than just the drinking, partying and the St Patrick’s feast day. His legacy and what he did for Ireland is something worthy of having his own day. Truly makes you enjoy the color green in another way.

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  1. Wow! How I wish I can visit this too. Never been traveled outside the country for the past 31 years – but we’ll never know, soon. But anyway, this is a nice one. For me, it’s informative. I loved it.

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