Exploring Dubai in the Middle Eastern heat

My first full day in Dubai. Of course, you all should know I’m about to explore this metropolitan. It was early September here. However, it felt like mid July in New York. The humidity was no joke. I wasn’t going to let a little heat stop me. Also, when I say “little heat,” I mean steamy sauna hot!

A small view of Dubai’s skyline photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Going around is not that difficult, just handling that sun is. The good thing about Dubai is that their metro system is very reliant. All buses and trains have air conditioning. The way downtown Dubai was created, you don’t really have to be outside in the sun too much. At most, you walk from the train station: to the mall, to your home or the building where you work at. Unless you are a tourist like me, you really don’t have much business being outside. Also, the taxi system here is just like the Usa and the European union. There’s a set fare based on the mileage that runs on a meter.

Another view of Dubai’s skyline photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Walking around, you really get a sense that you are in the Arabian Peninsula. Tons of signs in Arabic and English. In case you don’t know, United Arab Emirates was once an English colony. Meaning, you won’t have any problems speaking English here. However, I heard the Emiratis would prefer, if you spoke Arabic to them. Funny thing about that, when you are here there are very few Emiratis. Most of Dubai’s population are recent immigrants.

The Dubai frame photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Saw the Dubai frame, didn’t bothered going to the top. I would had to wait until one hour in the heat for it to open up. Went there before opening time. I’m not interested in going to the top. Unless, there was a swimming pool and a buffet of ice cream inside. I was only here to see the top of one building, the Burj khalifa . The Dubai frame is the biggest frame in the world. Once again you are reminded, the United Arab Emirates goes all the way. Everything they do has to be the best or the biggest. Which makes Dubai such an interesting City.

Just Outside of my Airbnb apartment photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The skyline of dubai is interesting. Everything is big and in your face. It feels like you stepped into the future. The futuristic buildings can make you feel you are in that show called “The jettsons.” The only thing that is missing are the flying cars and people with hover backpacks. Still, I would not be surprised if some of the mega rich living here owns one.

The view of the Burj khalifa photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

As my time in the heat was becoming unbearable, I saw an interesting view. The Burj Khalifa can been seen all the way where I was at. It truly is a man-made mountain. The freedom tower in New York City is dwarfed compared to this massive skyscraper. Looking forward, my next stop would be to climb all the way to the very top. By climb, I mean take an elevator. Burj Khalifa, I will see you very soon.

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels everyone.

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