Inside Cairo’s Coptic community

Now, this is something not many tourists get to see. I’m truly excited to be sharing this with you all. Unfortunately, some of these sites and buildings have been destroy due to bombings. So, these are photos that are hard to come by.

Greek Orthodox church taken by Hugo Morel

The Coptic Christians are actually descents of the Greek settlers, since ancient times. They eventually mixed with the general population; however, they maintained their religion and culture. That’s why you see a lot of greek letters in the Coptic alphabet.

Another church in old Cairo taken by Hugo Morel

Walking around and you really feel a sense of community. Similar to most minority communities, there’s a sense of togetherness. Everybody knows everybody, or knows your family.

Taken by Hugo Morel

As we explored the churches, it was hard not to notice the diversity. You see muslims in the churches viewing where Jesus was believed to go in hiding. What my local friend told me, Jesus is actually an important figure in Islam. Also, a lot of Muslim Egyptians have relatives that are Coptic Christians. There’s really no “bad blood” between the Coptic Christians and the average Muslims. Unlike, how the media loves to portray it. Some of my Muslim friends I met in Egypt, celebrate Christmas with their Coptic friends.

The well where Jesus was believed to drink water from taken by Hugo Morel

Learning all this from locals, made it hard not to love this country even more. It’s so interesting seeing this in person. Everyday in Egypt, has made me grow into a better person. One of the more humbling experiences in my life.

Coptic priest and a follower taken by Hugo Morel

In the Coptic traditions, the priests should not shave their beards. It’s a sign of respect, showing the wisdom of Jesus. At first, I thought they were Muslim. Then, I saw the cross necklaces and I knew the beards must be a tradition.

This is why I love traveling! It truly opens your mind and helps you experience being in the moment.

A hidden hole where Jesus was believed to hide in when the Romans were looking for him taken by Hugo Morel

Sadly, some of these places have been destroyed due to terrorist groups. I learned this from my local friends. So much history lost, due to false teachings of hate. If we were to learn more about each other, there would be a lot less conflicts in this world. Hopefully with my posts, you will learn to love others different to you. Learn to accept and appreciate people’s differences. However small, that will be the first steps to world peace. Love always shine!

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Like you I thought the long beards were a tradition of Muslims but didn’t know that it was also part of the Coptic tradition, so I learned something new.

  2. I must admit that the picture you create of Cairo through your blog post makes me want to visit…….and i absolutely agree with the fact that there’s true beauty in travelling.It opens up the mind and allows us to appreciate the beauty of our diversity!

  3. Interesting! We didn’t have time to visit the Coptic sights in Cairo, so it was nice to see and learn about them here!

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