The Beauty of New York City

There’s a reason why I choose to live in the New York metropolitan area. As the “capital” of the world, you get access to pretty much any type of food from any culture.

Taken by Hugo Morel

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay, you do not get the access to all of the cultures that you do here in New York City. My family here would tell me stories about hanging out with thier friends from Mongolia and Turkestan. My cousin would tell me about how he used to get invited into thier home and they would cook him authentic exotic food. I was always envious of him growing up. We only had awesome Mexican food out in the Bay Area!

Traditional Mongolian dish by google

The skyline, the food and the culture is what really attracted me to this city. Truly love this city, as expensive as it is. I truly wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Downtown Manhattan taken by Hugo Morel

Being the capital of the world, the New York City metropolitan area has two international airports and one national. It has three airports in total. Being the traveler I was, I just had to move here. So much food, culture and possible airplane tickets.

Curry chicken with rice at a Jamaican restaurant taken by Hugo morel

The reason why I am posting about New York today is because we are going to start a series of food from all over the world that is found in New York City.

Be on the look out!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post. Much love!

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  1. Thanks for sparing your time to explain New York and im sure its an amazing place. But i have become like Crocodile Dundee living here in Sardegna. Now the thought of living in a big City is scary. I love the way you explain things. Really nice post.

      1. Im sure its great and wish you all the best. But im well hooked in the slow lane and the dolce vita of Italy.

  2. You might visit the blog of another New Yorker at: beautybeyondbones The young lady who writes the blog reflects some of the things I read in your writing. Thanks for visiting Above the Noise.

  3. I genuinely appreciate this post. I miss the variety of cuisine from my hometown, especially chicken roti (and all things Caribbean) and pizza. People in other places try to replicate, but without the NY water you have nothing lol.

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