St Anthony of Padua

Just a little warning, in Italy there are a lot of churches!

Now that is out of the way, the small city of Padua has a very relaxed atmosphere. *hint* take notice of how ironically the last two sentences were written (this is where you were supposed to laugh).

The city itself is very small compared to other famous Italian cities. Not many attractions here. Most tourists come here for the church. Also, most of the citizens here have never moved. There are generations upon generations living here.

The buildings in this city are very colorful. These type of colors are hard to find in the usa, if you live in the northeast or the Midwest.

The city has an interesting blue trolley/light rail system. It’s the city’s main way of transportation. There were not much cars on the road. A few cars here and there, this city seemed like a metropolitan that walks.

Now to the main attraction of this small city, the church of St.Anthony. Anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He died in Padua and made the city famous. Catholics pray to St. Anthony when they need to find something. He is the saint of lost things. As you can see from the photo below, majority of Padua’s tourists end up here.  Tons of tourists traps here. They will sell overpriced items to any of the tourists that takes the bait.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Sorry about posting it so late. I tried a few times last week to post this. Somehow everytime, the post would get deleted. Anyways, have a safe week and stay healthy.

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  1. Warning I love churches of all kinds. Mosques, synagogs, cathedrals; I just go nuts learning about how we celebrate God. Wish I were in Italy; I’d be bent over butt in the air trying to read the faded print of something. I know I would. Enjoy.

    1. Very interesting! I have a post on mosques i went to in Egypt that i will post. I will check out your church post when im around my laptop. My phone does not let me. If you can send a link i will be able to see it fast. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to Italy. Even though it’s small city, i found that Padua is not less interesting. Since it has less tourist, you can feel as the local while you are there. Thanks for sharing with us..

  3. Amazing pictures! Love the old buildings, they are so beautiful! Wish we took care of the old more often than tearing down and building new.

  4. Hello.

    Absolutely great post. What was missing in this post, was inside photos. In my country I have photographed huge amount of churches with outside and inside photos. My way to present a church is first show general view and then to show details.

    In my country we have on countryside mainly wooden churches. Beautiful bell towers are separated from the church itself. Inside we have in many churches Votive ships. Outside or in some cases we have unique Poor-man statues.

    Here one example of our wooden church with Votive ship and modern Poor-man statue:

    Church of Haukipudas

    Enjoy the difference!!!

    Happy and safe travels!

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